Today’s Look


As some of you may know, we are an online boutique but we offer different services, and one of them is styling. We are aware that there are some girls that LOVE fashion but have a difficult time putting outfits together and that is why we offer this service… free of charge!
Last night we were thinking and thought it was unfair for those of you that do not live in South Florida and cannot schedule a “Fashion Session” with us, which is why we are starting these daily posts!

For today, since it’s Monday, we thought it would be appropriate to post an “Office Look”. Being at the office doesn’t mean… boring black trousers paired with boring white button down… Put a little color in your day and spice it up with a cool blazer!    

To get this entire look click Here for the dressHere for the blazerHere for the ring and Here for the necklace!

And yes… that is my office 🙂

Hope you liked this post!

Belen Baquerizo


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