Is anyone feeling a little whimsical today??


Today here in South Florida the day is a little rainy and I felt like putting together a whimsical outfit to brighten up the day… there’s no harm in being a little playful now and then, right? Also, I think part of my decision came from the fact that I’m going to see Lauren Conrad tonight and her style is always a little whimsy whimsy… love her! 
Anyway, the top I’m wearing I adore because of the name Kensie gave it…”Branches & Blooms”, cute.  The skirt, if you ask me if perfect for work because of its length, but it can also work for that romantic date you have been anticipating; it will make you look classy, romantic and playful all in one! 
The necklace is the most adorable thing on this planet; it doesn’t come with a clasp but it is adjustable so it’s really easy to put on. The decoration of it is a little leaf and a little bird ❤ 

To get this look click Here (for the top), Here (for the skirt) and Here (for the necklace) 

If you have any comments leave them below! 

Have a Blossoming Day! 

Belen Baquerizo 


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