Double F


Last night my sister and I went out to an event in Miami which supported Breast Cancer Awareness, and to say the least… it was amazing! there was rose wine, cupcakes, make-up artists, pop-up shops, music and food of course! I have to say the cupcakes stole my attention because they were delicious! Check them out at 

We like to support Breast Cancer Awareness because it is becoming such a popular disease, that I believe it is important ladies (and gentlemen) should become more familiar with the subject. This month we are giving away 10% of our sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (it’s a small percentage, I know, but we are a new business and that is what we can accomodate at the moment; I’m hoping later on we can give much more!) 

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures with you guys… so here they are!

We are both wearing pieces from our boutique… check them out Here for the dress and Here for the blouse (1 Small left!)

Androbel supported the night by giving away a gift certificate… Whoever won it, is one lucky girl! 

Little sister with Pink Lady 

Have a Blossoming rest of the Day!

Belen Baquerizo 


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