It’s Friday!!

It’s finally Friday and I cannot wait to sleep in a little tomorrow morning. Take a look at today’s outfit 🙂

I particularly love this top because the fabric is extremely soft and it’s subtle (as you can see on the second picture, there is a little opening because of the high/low hem; this cut makes the top sexy but it doesn’t have the whole “In your face” effect!)  
I love the way the color of the top matches with the Peach Skinny Pants, but you can wear it with different colored pants if you prefer… I would stay away from brown or black because then the top will be lost and we don’t want that. 
As far as accessories are concerned, I paired the outfit with this statement necklace from Ecuadorian designer, Tatiana Cruz. The necklace is handmade and it is made from silver, rose agate and nacar- Really really special necklace. 
Anyway, you can get this outfit by following these links: 
I hope you guys are enjoying these posts, as much as we enjoy creating them! 
Have a Blossoming Day, 
Belen Baquerizo 

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