Studs, Cushions, Chains… Minkoff!


So, I have been following Rebecca Minkoff on twitter and instagram for quite a while but I had never really read her story or anything like that. The other day I took the time and read a little about her and her business and totally loved her. I love to look for people that start from the bottom and somehow make it to the top. Rebecca started her business with her brother in 2005 with only handbags and since then she has grown worldwide. She recently opened her first boutique in Tokyo! 
At first, I thought her style was too edgy for me but after checking out her website and her clothing I have to say she is probably my favorite designer. I love the simplicity, the colors, the elegance and the sexiness. Her styles are never too feminine which reflects her love for independence. 
I looked at several youtube videos just to get more familiarized with the designer and my favorite part about one of he interviews was when she said that she has no specific mantra in her life, only to try to be a good person and to stay down-to-earth. Love her or what? 
I could see Rebecca wearing this following items from our boutique: 
Metallic Blazer
Get it Here!

Sliver Boot Jeans… Click here!

What do you think? 

Have a Blossoming Day! 

Belen Baquerizo 


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