Development, Enjoyment & Fulfillment



Today is Quote Friday and I wanted to share this video from Diane Von Furstenberg because I think she is amazing and inspirational. This video contains as many quotes as you need to take a deep breath and take on this crazy world!  Here are my favorite points made by DVF: 

  • Pay Attention- It’s important, words matter. 
  • Every mistake is an experience- It’s not a mistake, it’s whatever you felt like doing at the time
  • There is no shortcut ever, for anyone. 
  • You should do what you want to do, what you are passionate about. The most important thing is to have clarity. 
  • Every woman has strength, but sometimes they are afraid of their own strength. 
  • The most important relationship in your life, is the relationship you have with yourself. 
I hope you are as inspired as I am! 

Have a Blossoming Weekend! 

Belen Baquerizo 

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