V-Day is Coming

Valentines Day is approaching and while some might hate, hate this month because you recently broke up with your lover, it is a great excuse to go shopping! It seems like America is in love with sales; whenever you hear about a certain holiday coming up, it means sale! (and of course, Androbel, loves it too).
We chose styles that had some pink, red or cuteness to it and put it on our V-Sale! some of the items have a 30% discount while others have a 40%discount. Check out our sale Here! (www.androbel.com)

Anyway, I hope you are not one of the February haters because Valentines is not only about boyfriends, it is about friendship and love as a whole.

Pick a Valentine. mine will be… probably my cute dog 🙂

Happy Shopping!
Belen Baquerizo


Not Quite the Man Repeller

Have you heard of The Man Repeller? It’s Leandra Medine’s fashion blog and I absolutely love it. She loves fashion but has a brain, speaks her mind and doesn’t fall into the “Look at me, I’m beautiful” blogger status.

When I first started Androbel Insider for my online boutique, I started looking at different blogs to learn how the whole blogging thing worked and at first it seemed exciting; you get to wear beautiful clothes, and most of the time they are free! That was until, I realized most of the girls posting don’t have a brain and are completely fool of themselves. Once I came to this realization I became depressed; how could I have been dragged into this materialistic, unreal world?

Thank God, I stumbled upon The Man Repeller and started reading. Every single post makes me laugh.  And most of all, I was inspired. This girl, doesn’t care about anything, but being herself. On my first blog posts I would wear make up and heels and go all out with my outfits and then stopped because that was NOT me (I rarely wear make-up and heels are my number one enemy) but then, I was starting to get dragged in by the industry again.
It sounds dumb and childish but now I know that I do not have to give into any of the “guidelines” the Fashion Industry seems to impose.

So, here we are. No make-up, just red lipstick (because I do wear this) and hair down.
This outfit is intended for a day at the office on a Thursday or Friday when all you can think about is the glass full of alcohol you will be consuming at exactly 5:05 pm.

Blazer.Top (on sale!)Black pants (on sale!).Necklace.

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Flea Market Ready

Hello Hello!

As I drove to work yesterday I saw a sign that indicated a Flea Market will take place this Saturday and Sunday in Pembroke Pines and I was soooo excited because I have never been to one before… Yes! LAME, I know; but, guess where I will be this weekend?
Anyway, I decided to create a little collage with a flea market inspired look thus, the tote bag 🙂

I have never been to one of these markets but I assumed people want to be comfortable while they shop so a black tunic seemed fair. The tunic can be worn over leggings but, peach colored skinnies (On sale!) seemed a little more fun. A long turquoise necklace for the sake of color-blocking and of course some bangles to adorn your wrists (blue,orangeblack)

For those of you interested in going to the flea market this weekend it is at:

S.W. Focal Point Community Center 
301 N.W. 103rd Avenue
Saturday 8am-3pm & Sunday 9am-3pm

And, oh yea, Get your weekend outfit with us! 🙂

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Will you Dance?

We often ask ourselves, why do celebrities have so much power? All they do is make cool movies, drive expensive cars and attend New York Fashion Week right? Well, while some of that might be true there are some (and yes, I mean I can probably count them with my fingers) that actually use their power the right way. It seems like the saying “Be the difference you want to see in the world” is a little outdated because nowadays everyyyyone thinks they have the kindest heart when truthfully they don’t; but, somehow there is one person that really does have a kind heart and I must say that Anne Hathaway might be that one person that sticks out.
This year, Anne Hathaway is representing One Billion Rising, which is a world action that will take place this Valentine’s day!
One Billion is for the number of women that have been raped or beaten in their lives and Rising is for the action to take place- On Feb. 14th all the women around are encouraged to rise and DANCE just because they are alive! You don’t have to be a victim of rape, you just have to dance. Guys are welcome to rise up and dance as well. In the words of Anne Hathaway “to walk out of their jobs, schools, and homes and dance. We want to shake the globe (literally!)”
I thought the idea behind this campaign was really great and thought I would share it. Maybe, it won’t end violence towards women, but at least there will be some kind of awareness about the subject. I mean, doesn’t the number 1 out of 3 scare the hell out of you?

I hope you get up on Valentine’s Day and dance just because you can!
For more information Click here

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Treasures of Today

Hi girly girls! 
Today I have found these treasures at our Androbel office and so, I share them with you! You can get these treasures: Aztec print blouseBoot-cut black pants and statement necklace with a 15% discount form today until saturday!!! Did I mention, free shipping for all US orders of $50 and up? 
Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo 

Feast Juicin’

Let’s face it, we all have those days when we cannot seem to face the mirror because we just feel… ugly. This happens to us girls probably every month and we know exactly who to blame. The funny thing is, when we are feeling down, which in most cases it’s because we feel fat we tend to stuff our faces with nasty things like hot wings, chocolate, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, etc. (I’m not the only one, right?) instead of nourishing our body so that it radiates. Soo… a while ago I stumbled on a website called Raw Juice Guru and I actually tried the juice cleanse for two days. I thought it was a great idea to share the juices I tried since it is almost February and some of you might have some hot dates coming up.
Some things worth knowing:
– You can do the cleanse for up to 28 days, but that seems insane to me, so 2 days was just fine.
– You can order the juices by clicking here or you can make them yourself.
– It is waaay better to buy organic ingredients because you need the cleanest of the cleanest fruits and vegetables. Non organic food contain lots of chemicals that are detrimental to our health.

My Juices: 

1. Beautify your Skin
2. Radiance
3. Love your Cells
4. Tropical Intervention
5. Sweet Pleasures
6. Cellulite Blast
7. Morning Wake up Call
8. Who needs Coffee
9. Yummy Hydration
10. Cleanse & Hydrate
11. Earthy Beauty
12. King Kong

You can take up to 8 juices a day and they can be 16oz! Take a look at the recipes Here! The real thing is, it doesn’t matter how many juices you take as long as you stick to it… you’ll feel better 🙂 And please, please, please, when doing this do not exercise like crazy because we do not want anyone passing out.

I hope you enjoy it, the juices are not bad AT ALL! 

For more information about juicing take a look HERE!

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Combination: Prints & Blue

Trying to be sexy

The result of trying to be sexy

As I read over magazines this month I noticed a trend and I loved it because it seems that blue and prints are what I have the most of in my closet 🙂 
Prints are cool, fun, hip and edgy but it can get a little overwhelming if you are wearing it head to toe or if you style it with a strong color. I always like to tone down prints by styling them with nudes, tans or blacks but, I might have fun a “not so boring” color… Blue! 

Like it?
Ruffled Top: Take a look here
Flared shorts: Take a look here
Have a Blossoming Saturday! 
Belen Baquerizo