Hey, Bradshaw!


Last night was the premiere of the new series “The Carrie Diaries” and who can say “WOW!”
I love love Sex and the City, I think I have probably watched every episode a thousand times and I just do not get tired of it. There’s people that think it’s all about sex but the reality of it is… well, maybe a significant percentage of the show is about sex, I happen to think it has a different message, a deeper on and that: The meaning of friendship. The way the four fashion lovers love each other like they are each others couple is admirable. They emphasize my belief of friendship. the smaller, closer and more intimate group as possible, The Much Better. 
Anyway, finding out about Carrie’s childhood is like a dream come true… see how everything started, how her passion blossomed and how she slowly transformed herself is really cool to watch.
My favorite line from the episode last night was when Carrie’s dad tells her about the internship in NYC and she responds  ” Will I need a briefcase?”

What was your favorite line? outfit?

We will be following the Carrie Diaries each week, following with a post about the episode… can’t wait until next week!

Have a Blossoming Day,
Belen Baquerizo


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