Suit it Up!

It seems menswear are ON trend for women right now; we keep seeing celebrities wear patterned to waxed tuxedo pants andddd they are not stoping! As if men pants were not enough, structured blazers are being added (yes! women are wearing the entire uptown lawyer wardrobe…only we wear them in bright colors!)
For us, wearing an entire suit is a little too much; we like to keep it not IN YOUR FACE with our outfits so we mixed bright, shiny and neutral blazers with dark skinnies 🙂 Professional, sophisticated, cute and it even works for an after office hot date!

Need it?

Love it?

Adore it?

Fancy it?

Need it?

Just remember that you do not have to wear a complete “women’s suit” to look like a Leading Lady; it is all about the way you put together your outfit 🙂

Mix a pair of dark hued skinnies like these with a nude button down or a sparkly golden tank and add a little fun twist with a bright colored or sparkly blazer. If you are looking for a more subtle look, add a nude/beige blazer with some colored jewelry.

We hope you liked our trend report and you found our styling ideas helpful 🙂

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo


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