Style Lady

Ok ok we all now she is a hottie. We all know she is married to Orlando Bloom and we all know she is  VS Angel. This is not why we picked Miranda. We picked her because: 
1. She is not just a super model, she actually has an education. Miranda majored in Nutrition and Health Psychology in Australia. 
2. She started her own company- KORA- Which is an organic skincare line. Follow the link to read more about the company- Read here
3. She takes her knowledge about health, nutrition and organic living and spreads it around the world. This year her book “Treasure Yourself” will hit the stores. 
We also love her (of course) because of her impecable style. She takes simplicity and turns it into elegance, which we think is complete perfection (thats what we are all about!). We also like that sometimes she is classic and other times, she adds a little bohemian to her look. 
Today, we thought it would look cool to add a bohemian flavor to our look, so here it is! 

Maxi Skirt: Shop with us!
Long Sleeve Top: Find here 🙂
Statement Necklace: Shop with us!
I hope you loved our Style Lady 🙂 
Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo 

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