Feast Juicin’

Let’s face it, we all have those days when we cannot seem to face the mirror because we just feel… ugly. This happens to us girls probably every month and we know exactly who to blame. The funny thing is, when we are feeling down, which in most cases it’s because we feel fat we tend to stuff our faces with nasty things like hot wings, chocolate, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, etc. (I’m not the only one, right?) instead of nourishing our body so that it radiates. Soo… a while ago I stumbled on a website called Raw Juice Guru and I actually tried the juice cleanse for two days. I thought it was a great idea to share the juices I tried since it is almost February and some of you might have some hot dates coming up.
Some things worth knowing:
– You can do the cleanse for up to 28 days, but that seems insane to me, so 2 days was just fine.
– You can order the juices by clicking here or you can make them yourself.
– It is waaay better to buy organic ingredients because you need the cleanest of the cleanest fruits and vegetables. Non organic food contain lots of chemicals that are detrimental to our health.

My Juices: 

1. Beautify your Skin
2. Radiance
3. Love your Cells
4. Tropical Intervention
5. Sweet Pleasures
6. Cellulite Blast
7. Morning Wake up Call
8. Who needs Coffee
9. Yummy Hydration
10. Cleanse & Hydrate
11. Earthy Beauty
12. King Kong

You can take up to 8 juices a day and they can be 16oz! Take a look at the recipes Here! The real thing is, it doesn’t matter how many juices you take as long as you stick to it… you’ll feel better 🙂 And please, please, please, when doing this do not exercise like crazy because we do not want anyone passing out.

I hope you enjoy it, the juices are not bad AT ALL! 

For more information about juicing take a look HERE!

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo


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