Will you Dance?

We often ask ourselves, why do celebrities have so much power? All they do is make cool movies, drive expensive cars and attend New York Fashion Week right? Well, while some of that might be true there are some (and yes, I mean I can probably count them with my fingers) that actually use their power the right way. It seems like the saying “Be the difference you want to see in the world” is a little outdated because nowadays everyyyyone thinks they have the kindest heart when truthfully they don’t; but, somehow there is one person that really does have a kind heart and I must say that Anne Hathaway might be that one person that sticks out.
This year, Anne Hathaway is representing One Billion Rising, which is a world action that will take place this Valentine’s day!
One Billion is for the number of women that have been raped or beaten in their lives and Rising is for the action to take place- On Feb. 14th all the women around are encouraged to rise and DANCE just because they are alive! You don’t have to be a victim of rape, you just have to dance. Guys are welcome to rise up and dance as well. In the words of Anne Hathaway “to walk out of their jobs, schools, and homes and dance. We want to shake the globe (literally!)”
I thought the idea behind this campaign was really great and thought I would share it. Maybe, it won’t end violence towards women, but at least there will be some kind of awareness about the subject. I mean, doesn’t the number 1 out of 3 scare the hell out of you?

I hope you get up on Valentine’s Day and dance just because you can!
For more information Click here

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo


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