Not Quite the Man Repeller

Have you heard of The Man Repeller? It’s Leandra Medine’s fashion blog and I absolutely love it. She loves fashion but has a brain, speaks her mind and doesn’t fall into the “Look at me, I’m beautiful” blogger status.

When I first started Androbel Insider for my online boutique, I started looking at different blogs to learn how the whole blogging thing worked and at first it seemed exciting; you get to wear beautiful clothes, and most of the time they are free! That was until, I realized most of the girls posting don’t have a brain and are completely fool of themselves. Once I came to this realization I became depressed; how could I have been dragged into this materialistic, unreal world?

Thank God, I stumbled upon The Man Repeller and started reading. Every single post makes me laugh.  And most of all, I was inspired. This girl, doesn’t care about anything, but being herself. On my first blog posts I would wear make up and heels and go all out with my outfits and then stopped because that was NOT me (I rarely wear make-up and heels are my number one enemy) but then, I was starting to get dragged in by the industry again.
It sounds dumb and childish but now I know that I do not have to give into any of the “guidelines” the Fashion Industry seems to impose.

So, here we are. No make-up, just red lipstick (because I do wear this) and hair down.
This outfit is intended for a day at the office on a Thursday or Friday when all you can think about is the glass full of alcohol you will be consuming at exactly 5:05 pm.

Blazer.Top (on sale!)Black pants (on sale!).Necklace.

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo


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