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Our Professional Girl.
She is elegant, serious (about work), fun and most of all, lovely.

Never confuse work with rutine because that is boring and who wants to live a boring life? I don’t! When you go to work there is a specific regimen you have to follow when it comes to dressing but don’t let the words “work attire” fool you. Here is a way to turn your office outfit into something fun, fashion forward and sexy.
Malvina Copper Necklace
Synch Skirt
Ziggy Cardi
GreyDay Top


You can do IT!

By “IT” I mean, Double Lace. I feel like sometimes people are afraid to wear things they don’t normally see on magazines or worn by celebrities and that’s sad because everyone and I mean everyoneee should own their own personal style; although we are all victims of following trends that we see on our favorite star, we should all try to incorporate our own self into our outfit because no one wants to hear “Oh, I saw that on…”, instead we want to hear someone say, “That looks great on you!”. Lace in particular, is one trend everyone seems to love and hate at the same time. They love lace because its cute and feminine but hate it because they feel they feel it can only we worn in a specific way. WRONG. Lace can be dresses up or down. You can mix it with prints, you can mix it with colors, you can mix it with statement necklaces and lastly you can mix it with… lace! 
Have you been invited to the Baptism of your best friends new baby? Are you dreading Easter because you don’t know what to wear? Well, beige lacie shorts and green lacie jacket just might do the trick for you! 

Find tank top here

I hope you find this useful. Remember, it’s okay to follow trends, we all do but don’t lose yourself in them.

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Do your Brand Homework


Dora Lim, Greylin’s founder grew up in Brazil where her parents owned a manufacturing business; she spent most of her afternoons doing her homework at the factory dazing off at the beautiful process of creating a piece of clothing.
Dora’s parents wanted her to work for the family business but just as every other teenager she refused to go to school for fashion. Later she realized fashion design was her true fashion and enrolled at FIDM. After graduating she started working for the family business and in Spring 2010 she launched Greylin.
Before launching Greylin, Dora learned she was pregnant and Greylin was the name she will be giving to her baby girl; to her surprise, her baby was a boy, so instead of naming her boy Greylin which would have been a little weird, she named her other baby (clothing line) Greylin!
Greylin is filled with abstract textiles, bold patterns, interior design and colors. Dora said “”I sought out to build a collection that was modern, easy, yet classic” and I believe she did a great job accomplishing that!

I wanted to create this post because I think it’s important for our readers to know about the brands we offer and why we offer them. Greylin is one of my two favorite brands offered at Androbel because they take classic cuts and turn them into modern pieces by incorporating color and patterns. I always say, quality is key in clothing, and Greylin hits the right spot for this as well. There is no way anyone could go wrong with Greylin 🙂

Click Here to view our entire Greylin collection 🙂

Belen Baquerizo

Flirty Swingy


Dixie wanted to join us

To tell you the truth, I have owned this skirt foreveerr, which is ironic because I got it at Forever 21. To tell you the second truth, my mom hates it. I don’t know why, but she says it makes me look like a grandma; she thinks everything makes me look like a grandma, oh well. But, to tell you the real truth, swingy skirts are in full swing and this is how an Androbel mind styles them 🙂
You don’t want to take away the attention from the skirt, so a basic, neutral top is a good choice. In order for the outfit to not took empty, I added a long necklace; it is a statement but not so much as the skirt.

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo 

The Problem With Button Downs

First we thought button downs were for men but then, as women made their way through the business world brands started cutting button downs for women. Women wanted to look as professional as men did and so, they went for the suits (there’s nothing I hate more). For their bad luck, suits made them look manly. not attractive. Although I don’t support slutty wardrobes, I do believe women should always look elegant and effortlessly sexy. You do not, and I will repeat this a thousand times, you do NOT have to show everything to be sexy. it looks ugly. While men might look at you, they want nothing serious and if girls take a look at you, they are talking trash. We don’t want this. ever. 
I took two nude button downs from my boutique to show the most common mistake with button downs. Sure, they were made to go to work but that doesn’t mean it has to be Boring! I feel like the the American uniform is as follows: Button DownSkinny Jeans and some pumps… like my face says it “blaah”

This is a pretty cool button down though, the buttons on the back shape your body like no other! love love!

And now, if you add a cool, statement necklace ,the “blahhh” outfit turns into “Oh, that’s so edgy and cool!”  You can go to the office and later go for drinks and no one will know your office bores you (although, I hope it doesn’t!)

But what if you have a cute button down, like this Peter Pan Collar Blouse?

Looks cute, but you could do better!

 Trade your favorite skinnies with a Playful Pleated Skirt, like this one 🙂 Cuter, huh?

Don’t think of button downs as your entry into the professional world but if you do, boring is not an option! 
Have a Blossoming Day! 
Belen Baquerizo 

Brand Spotlight- Chloé

I think we can all agree that when someone utters the word “Chloé” we instantly think of feminism, simplicity and elegance, thus, concluding that their marketing department has done an excellent job. 
Yes, that was intended to be a little joke, but in all seriousness I really do believe they have done a great job because over the years their image hasn’t changed. The world, for some strange reason is becoming edgier and edgier (I’m not a huge fan, but I can’t deny it sometimes looks cool…when it’s not overdone) but Chloé has remained feminine and romantic. 
Chloé was founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952 after she moved from Egypt to Paris. The reason behind the brand, is the entire reason why I love, love, love this brand; Gaby Aghion felt that luxury clothing was only available for the few that could afford them. Haute Couture aka Made-To-Measure was trendy back then, but it was for obvious reasons incredibly expensive. So, Gaby Aghion thought to herself, “Why don’t we make luxury clothing available for anyone who wants it?” And so ladies, Ready-To-Wear was created! Don’t we love her? Forget those architectural dresses that are only good for collection, we want the real thing!
Surely enough, after Chloé launched their first Ready-To-Wear collection, everyone else followed. Thank God! 
Every once in a while, I like to do a post about a brand that we really appreciate. Yes, Chloé might be a little on the expensive side, but remember to invest in key pieces like handbags or shoes. Trust me, when I can finally afford Chloé I will make sure to get me This Beauty
Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo