The Problem With Button Downs

First we thought button downs were for men but then, as women made their way through the business world brands started cutting button downs for women. Women wanted to look as professional as men did and so, they went for the suits (there’s nothing I hate more). For their bad luck, suits made them look manly. not attractive. Although I don’t support slutty wardrobes, I do believe women should always look elegant and effortlessly sexy. You do not, and I will repeat this a thousand times, you do NOT have to show everything to be sexy. it looks ugly. While men might look at you, they want nothing serious and if girls take a look at you, they are talking trash. We don’t want this. ever. 
I took two nude button downs from my boutique to show the most common mistake with button downs. Sure, they were made to go to work but that doesn’t mean it has to be Boring! I feel like the the American uniform is as follows: Button DownSkinny Jeans and some pumps… like my face says it “blaah”

This is a pretty cool button down though, the buttons on the back shape your body like no other! love love!

And now, if you add a cool, statement necklace ,the “blahhh” outfit turns into “Oh, that’s so edgy and cool!”  You can go to the office and later go for drinks and no one will know your office bores you (although, I hope it doesn’t!)

But what if you have a cute button down, like this Peter Pan Collar Blouse?

Looks cute, but you could do better!

 Trade your favorite skinnies with a Playful Pleated Skirt, like this one 🙂 Cuter, huh?

Don’t think of button downs as your entry into the professional world but if you do, boring is not an option! 
Have a Blossoming Day! 
Belen Baquerizo 


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