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Dora Lim, Greylin’s founder grew up in Brazil where her parents owned a manufacturing business; she spent most of her afternoons doing her homework at the factory dazing off at the beautiful process of creating a piece of clothing.
Dora’s parents wanted her to work for the family business but just as every other teenager she refused to go to school for fashion. Later she realized fashion design was her true fashion and enrolled at FIDM. After graduating she started working for the family business and in Spring 2010 she launched Greylin.
Before launching Greylin, Dora learned she was pregnant and Greylin was the name she will be giving to her baby girl; to her surprise, her baby was a boy, so instead of naming her boy Greylin which would have been a little weird, she named her other baby (clothing line) Greylin!
Greylin is filled with abstract textiles, bold patterns, interior design and colors. Dora said “”I sought out to build a collection that was modern, easy, yet classic” and I believe she did a great job accomplishing that!

I wanted to create this post because I think it’s important for our readers to know about the brands we offer and why we offer them. Greylin is one of my two favorite brands offered at Androbel because they take classic cuts and turn them into modern pieces by incorporating color and patterns. I always say, quality is key in clothing, and Greylin hits the right spot for this as well. There is no way anyone could go wrong with Greylin 🙂

Click Here to view our entire Greylin collection 🙂

Belen Baquerizo


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