You can do IT!

By “IT” I mean, Double Lace. I feel like sometimes people are afraid to wear things they don’t normally see on magazines or worn by celebrities and that’s sad because everyone and I mean everyoneee should own their own personal style; although we are all victims of following trends that we see on our favorite star, we should all try to incorporate our own self into our outfit because no one wants to hear “Oh, I saw that on…”, instead we want to hear someone say, “That looks great on you!”. Lace in particular, is one trend everyone seems to love and hate at the same time. They love lace because its cute and feminine but hate it because they feel they feel it can only we worn in a specific way. WRONG. Lace can be dresses up or down. You can mix it with prints, you can mix it with colors, you can mix it with statement necklaces and lastly you can mix it with… lace! 
Have you been invited to the Baptism of your best friends new baby? Are you dreading Easter because you don’t know what to wear? Well, beige lacie shorts and green lacie jacket just might do the trick for you! 

Find tank top here

I hope you find this useful. Remember, it’s okay to follow trends, we all do but don’t lose yourself in them.

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo


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