What Is Life?

I normally don’t do blogposts like the one I’m about to do because I have this feeling that everything I post about has to be Fashion/Style related because it is Androbel’s blog but the truth is it’s my account so I can really post anything that interests me, which is awesome so I’m going to do that :).
This past Friday I was at the beach with a special friend and out of nowhere we started talking about life. Yes, life… as cliche as this topic is, it is a great topic because you can never really come up with a clear answer (at least this is what happens to me). When I was in school I had this professor that said “Life is factually simple and analytically complex” which really means, life is as difficult as you make it. Although I do believe in this, as I grow and start to realize more things about life and the world, it is hard to sometimes keep life simple.
Is the world a beautiful place? yes, there are tons of pretty places to see.
Is family and friends one of the best things in life? yes! friends that you can count as family is the best feeling ever.
Is having a job/going to school satisfying? Yes, you go, you listen, you read, you learn, you grow.
Is love real? Of course! Love love love as much as you can.
There are all these wonderful things surrounding us, yet sometimes we can’t help feeling down… feeling like we are not good enough… like we don’t know what we want to… like we don’t know where we are going. Are we going to be successful? are we going to have a nice house? are we going to be able to afford fancy restaurants? skiing trips? a luxury car? These are all questions that pop into our head as we start to grow older and it is completely normal. we are anxious.
On Friday all I kept saying was that in life you have to work hard for what you want… but what does that mean? I also said that sometimes people think about things the wrong way; instead of thinking “I want to be able to watch the sunset from my house every night” they think “I need to make lots of money so that I can buy a house infront of the beach” and I believe that is why people feel down, sad with their lives. Why do you have to make lots of money to buy a house infront of the beach? you can buy a small apartment and walk 10 min to beach every night to watch the sunset with a beer in hand. These thoughts start when we are in our 20s and it is the entire reason why there are so many broken homes, broken friendships, broken hearts… people get so, so, so caught up in the “money making” that they forget why do they what they do. Yes, it’s true, some people are not lucky enough to have the job of their dreams so it is just a job not a passion but that is what life is about… making sacrifices. Maybe the job you have now is not ideal, maybe you hate it, but that is what separates the good from the great. You suck it up, you work day shifts, night shifts, two jobs, whatever it takes, you work hard, you give it your best and you will see that before you know it you will be on your next step… you might get promoted, or you might gain experience and be suitable for a better job. Everyone starts from the bottom (well, maybe not everyone, but the majority does) and in order to succeed, everyone has to struggle. Without struggle, there is no long-term success.
So, there goes the other question… why does everything revolve about money? and I really don’t have a genius answer for that… it sucks, but that’s the world, it has always been like that and I don’t think it will ever change. But it is true that the richest are those that need less. So, stay humble and you will be fine. After all, it is the little things in life that means the most.
Life is great because of family, friends, jobs, schools, travel and love but the same things make life complicated. Things get in the way and they are uncontrollable. So what do we do? We sit back, relax and smile because everything always works itself out. It always does… I’ve seen it. It might take time but it will happen.
In life I have dreams, I have goals that I want to accomplish. Sometimes I feel like I can do it, sometimes I feel like it is impossible. Somedays I feel like I have my stuff figured out and that I know where I want to go and that I know where I’m going, other days I feel completely lost. It is just life, the only thing we can change is our attitude.
I spent all weekend thinking about this because I really wanted to answer the questions that I was asked on Friday. How do you know what you want to do? Are you really happy with your life? What is the most important thing to you? So here are my answers: As of now I know I want my clothing boutique but as the days go by I start thinking about other things… personal shopping, styling, closet organizing are other things I love. We grow every single day, so our interests, passions grow as well, they change. I can say that I’m happy and satisfied with my life because I have learned to accept things as they happen, experience them, take them in… if they are good they stay within me, if they are bad I let the go. For so long I kept negative things in my life because I wanted to control them and they were just bringing me down… so no more of that :). The most important thing in my life is love. love everything and anything you do.The people you choose in your life are the most important thing you will do. Choose them wisely. When you have a horrible day, take a break, do something with someone you like, someone that puts a smile on your face and everything you are working for will be worth it.  I promise.

Belen Baquerizo


LICP For Androbel

I’m so excited to show everyone the “SUMMER COLLECTION” that Kristin (From LICP) modeled for us. 

The pictures turned out great! I love the bright colors and patterns 🙂
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It is just a great day today!

Have a lovely lovely day everyone 🙂

Personal Shopper!

Hi Everyone! 
I wanted to personally introduce you to our two new amazing services! 
I have noticed that a lot of women seem to get worked up when they have to get ready for the night or even to get dressed everyday! Millions of things go through their head that they can’t possibly figure out what it is they want to wear. Well, I’m here to help. 
If you are having a hard time in the mornings because… you have nothing to wear, don’t know how to mix and match, or simply are too stressed out to think about it… I’m your girl! 
Closet/Wardrobe Consultation and Personal Shopping go hand in hand but  the services you choose are entirely up to you. 
Fashion is supposed to make you feel better not stress you out even more. 
If this is something that you might be interested in send me an email! mbaquerizo@androbel.com I promise I won’t break your bank account 🙂 
Have a lovely day! 
Belen Baquerizo