Personal Shopper!

Hi Everyone! 
I wanted to personally introduce you to our two new amazing services! 
I have noticed that a lot of women seem to get worked up when they have to get ready for the night or even to get dressed everyday! Millions of things go through their head that they can’t possibly figure out what it is they want to wear. Well, I’m here to help. 
If you are having a hard time in the mornings because… you have nothing to wear, don’t know how to mix and match, or simply are too stressed out to think about it… I’m your girl! 
Closet/Wardrobe Consultation and Personal Shopping go hand in hand but  the services you choose are entirely up to you. 
Fashion is supposed to make you feel better not stress you out even more. 
If this is something that you might be interested in send me an email! I promise I won’t break your bank account 🙂 
Have a lovely day! 
Belen Baquerizo 

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