The sweet joy of nothing

Earlier this week my sister showed me this song before going to bed. I’m not huge on music, I mean, I’ll listen to a song and like it but then I’ll forget about the name or the artist… sorry! But, my sister is the complete opposite and I wanted to share this song because I loved loved the melody and the way it made me feel.

Waking up with the pouring rain
Same old sun and the sky again
Calling the doves and fighter planes
Sharing the sky like it’s nothing strange
Falling silhouette on an evening sky
A morning greedy of babies’ cry
And the same lonely night lullabies
The joy of nothing is a sweeter something
And I will hold it in my heart
I will hold it in my heart.

Although it can appear to be a sad song I feel it’s to complete opposite. to find joy in “nothing” is the sweetest thing in life.

I hope you find it and hold it in your heart.