A Fairy Tale

I stumbled upon this video on Monday I think and of course I had to share it with this little world. Anything that inspires me I want to share because I have a feeling people these days are not motivated and it makes me sad. The reason they are not motivated is because they are not inspired, which is even sadder.
It’s funny to think that people are not inspired even with all the social media we now have but, that might actually be the reason why inspiration is lacking. People, specially young people are so deeply embedded in social media that instead of taking what they see and shape it in a way it becomes theirs, they try to imitate, they try to duplicate what they see. Someone famous said something along the lines that comparison is the synonym of destruction and I’m completely sure it is.
I loved this video because it shows how with just a little bit of imagination, a dream can become reality. I’m a firm believer that anything in this life is possible and I invite you to believe the same thing because once you believe, you will… do.

Encontre este video el Lunes mientras veia cosas por Internet y apenas lo termine de ver sabia que tenia que compartirlo con ustedes. Cualquier cosa que me inspire la quiero compartir porque siento que la gente hoy en dia no esta motivada y me parece triste; la razon por la cual la gente no esta motivada es porque no encuentran inspiracion lo cual me parece aun mas triste.
Me da risa pensar que falta inspiracion en el mundo a pesar de todos los medios de comunicacion que tenemos (social media) y la verdad es que el social media puede ser la razon por la cual falta inspiracion. La gente joven esta tan pero tan metida en el social media que en vez de agarrar lo que ven y transformarlo en algo suyo, tratan de imitar, tratan de duplicar lo que ven porque es lo que esta de moda. Alguien fomoso una vez dijo algo como que la comparacion es el sinonimo de la destruccion y creo que estaba 100% correcto.
Me encanto este video porque ensena como solo con un poquito de imaginacion, un sueno puede hacerse realidad. Yo creo que todo en esta vida es posible y los invito a creer lo mismo porque una vez que crean, podran…hacer.


10 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale

  1. Very cool video :), Nice post, I agree with you. You have a lovely blog, let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. If you follow me, you can leave me a comment and I will follow you right back. Have nice day!



  2. Really I believe that the worst thing that can happen is people coping from other… I am architect and interior designer and everyday is a challenge to find new inspiration and be original…. good video and good post….
    I want you to visit my blog and hope you enjoy it and if you like it we can follow each other 🙂 http://top4addictions.com/

    Have a great day


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