Who’s your favorite?

I’ve decided I’m going shopping so I’m going to make my list here and then I’ll decide what I really NEED you know… because this are all things I can’t live without 🙂 (sarcasm… fyi) 
* I saw Shea Marie wearing this shorts on her latest blogpost and fell in love. Long shorts from Nordstrom 
* This blouse I know I won’t be getting because its 400 freaking dollars but I couldn’t resist posting about it so here it is: Beautiful, isn’t it?
* Pinned this ring away and it took my heart. Here’s why
* Who doesn’t want to be someone’s favorite? I saw this top on Kendi Everyday and thought “This is perfect!” I wanted it in another color but this one works also. Who’s your favorite? 
* And of course! I cardigan is always a necessity. Love this one from my store 🙂 Ziggy Cardi

I hope Dixie approves 🙂

I’m wearing this button down on the first picture 🙂 

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