Purse-less Sunday

This is what I wore on Sunday. My Sundays consist of a lot of unhealthy eating, books, movies, coffee, pjs and this past Sunday was no different. I finally slept in (until 10am 😮 haha) never changed until regular clothes and just lounged around all day until… we decided to go to dinner. I quickly jumped into the shower and put on the easiest thing a girl can wear: A dress! I love the print on this dress, I think I’ve said it a thousand times but I also love the two lengths. The denim jacket I’ve had it since probably 2007 or if not 2006… lots of years! The shoes… I blogged about them here (bday present), I finally wore them and they are realllyyy high but really comfortable. 
Hope you are having a fantastic Mid-Week Crisis Day!
Este fue mi look del Domingo. Los Domingos normalmente soy super vaga y no hago nada… me quedo en pijamas todo el dia, como, veo tele, leo, tomo cafe… super relax. Este Domingo fue igual que todos hasta que decidimos ir a cenar entonces me bane y me puse lo mas facil que una mujer se puede poner: un vestido! Creo que ya he hablado mil veces sobre este vestido pero me encanta el estampado y tambien el corte; corto por adelante y largo por atras 🙂 La chaqueta que llevo la tengo desde hace mil anios, quizas desde el 2007 o del 2006 pero me encanta. Los zapatos, los habia mencionado en este post (regalo de cumpleanos) y finalmente me los puse! son suuuper altos pero tambien suuuper comodos 🙂
Espero que esten teniendo un super “Mid-Week Crisis Day!” 

What I wore: 
Dress: Androbel  (I’m wearing S)
Jacket: The Gap (oldie but goodie)
Shoes: Guess (Macys)
PS. For the purposes of the title of this blog, it’s safe to say that purses sometimes just get in my way…only carrying my cellphone 🙂 

33 thoughts on “Purse-less Sunday

  1. ahaha I know after all the week long craziness, on Sundays I sort of just die down. Oh well! it great because it gives us energy for the new week, right?
    Thank you! Lately I'm feeling very bohemian don't know why… or maybe I do? Maybe I'll do a post about this someday.
    Thank you for passing by, hope to see you around soon!


  2. Hi there!!
    Thank you! I just saw your blog and looooved it! love the new sparkly cardigan <3. I followed you on Bloglovin, if you want you can follow me back :)
    Also, do you have instagram? follow me at: androbel and I fill follow back.
    Have a great Monday!


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