The Good from The Great.

On Saturday I woke up early and read a little bit of my book and then it was work time! I have another job so nights and weekends is when I work on my store and this blog. It’s a little overwhelming and times but that’s okay because I really enjoy and I feel useful. Besides, going the extra mile is what separates the good from the great and I wish to be great someday! 
Ok, so after working a little bit I worked out, took a shower and went for a late lunch with my mom and my sister; after lunch, it was shopping time! After shopping time, I came home and quickly changed into party clothes because it was my friends bday! We had a long, fun, crazy night. On Sunday I was too tired (obviously) so I stayed in and watched 24. Who else is obsessed with Jack Bauer? A new season is coming out and I need to catch up on season 8 because I slacked off when I was in college!
Anyway, Hope your Monday as aaamaaaziiinggg and that the rest of the week is even more amazing! 

El Sabado me desperte temprano y lei un poco de mi libro porque despues tuve que trabajar, trabajar, trabajar. De lunes a viernes trabajo en una oficina de logistica entonces el tiempo que tengo para trabajar en mi tienda y el blog es en las noches y los fines de semana. A veces es un poco estresante y cansado pero me encanta entonces no me puedo quejar mucho! Aparte lo que separa al bueno del grande es el que da un poco mas de lo normal, y algun dia espero ser grande! 
Ok, entonces despues de trabajar un poco, hice ejercicio y de ahi fui a almorzar con mi mama y mi hermana. Despues de comer… shopping! Despues de shopping, corri a mi casa para cambiarme de ropa porque sali de fiesta con mis amigos por un cumpleanos.
El Domingo, obviamente me moria de sueno entonces solo me quede por aqui viendo 24. Quien mas esta obsesionada con Jack Bauer? Va a salir una nueva temporada y tengo que ponerme al tanto con la ultima temporada que salio porque no vi nada cuando estuve en la universidad! 
Pero bueno, espero que hayan tenido un suppeeer Lunes y que tengan una super semana! 

What I wore: 
Top: Androbel
Shorts: Nordstrom
* Thank you Shea Marie, these shorts are my new obsession! 

20 thoughts on “The Good from The Great.

  1. Hi! Thank you, thank you! Inspiring people is my number 1 priority, I'm glad you were able to take that away from my blog 🙂
    Thanks for the follow, I followed you back on bloglovin :)) My instagram is androbel, follow me there that's what I use the most.
    Have a great day!!


  2. Thank you girly!
    Yea, its the previous post, I don't know if you read it but I actually think she is very pretty, her eyes are gorgeous and she's got amazing talent… it's just the way she is promoting herself that I don't support.
    Have a lovely day 🙂


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