2 Truths

Ok, so I created this post because this is how dress almost everyday of the week. I read lots, lots of fashion blogs and sometimes I feel like there just pure advertising; don’t get me wrong, I love to see them wearing amazing brands and really cool clothes but there are 2 truths. 1. Not even half the readers can afford those brands. 2. Not even half the readers have fashionable jobs.  
It’s true that everyone should dress for the job they want but, sometimes the industry in which you are in doesn’t really give two craps. So, having said that… here is an outfit that can easily pass for a casual weekend outfit but also works for a casual office. A pair of skinnies, a simple top (I chose the striped one to keep the outfit a little fun), a cardigan (again, to add some fun I chose this 2 color cardigan) and my new work-obsession shoes… (notice the word “work-obsession haha) I have this pair and also a brown pair. Really comfy.
Hola Holaaa! 
Ok, entonces decidi hacer este post porque todos los dias leo muchismos blogs de fashion y aunque me encanta la ropa y las marcas que llevan me parece que muchos blogs son mas como una manera de hacer publicidad en vez de ayudar a la gente. En este tiempo que he estado blogging (1 mes y medio?) me he dado cuenta de 2 verdades. 1- Ni la mitad de las personas leyendo estos blogs pueden comprarse ese tipo de ropa. 2- Ni la mitad de las personas tiene un trabajo en el mundo de la moda donde se tienen que vestir asi. 
Tambien es verdad que uno se debe vestir para el trabajo que desea pero tambien es verdad que hay industrias en las que el vestimento da igual. Bueno entonces al punto. Este outfit se lo puede utilizar para un dia del fin de semana cuando solo quieres estar comoda pero tambien funciona para una oficina casual. Unos skinny jeans, una camiseta simple (escogi de rayas para q sea mas divertido), un suetersito (este tambien lo escogi porque tiene 2 colores entonces mas divertido!) y bueno los zapatos que son mi ultima obsesion pero solo para el trabajo! jajaja 
Super comoda.
Working so hard… jajaja but yes, really. 
Amazing print? yes!
hahaha well, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy typing it 🙂 
What I wore: 
Top: Loft- in store similar
Cardigan: Loft- in store similar
Skinnies: Androbel 
Alpargatas (shoes): Nine West 
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14 thoughts on “2 Truths

  1. I really agree with what you said. A few years ago, the blogging society was so much different – it was natural and you could relate to the bloggers. Now, most of it is pure marketing and collaborations. I personally don't like reading blogs where you could just tell the blogger is being paid to talk about something/wear something.

    Anyways, the outfit you have here is really lovely. The pants are such a beautiful print, and I really like the striped top.

    Lubna | Elle Vox


  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I'm really happy for all the bloggers, they are doing great I just wish that sometimes it was more real.
    Anyway, I'm glad that you like my post and what I'm wearing 🙂


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