Cold Front?

Hi, hi!
How are ya? I’m here… it’s Sunday and I’m trying to plan my week. By planning my week I mean trying to decide on my Halloween costume. A hindu or a volleyball player? I could pull of being a Hindu and I’ve also been a volleyball player so I can just get my spandex from the drawer… although my legs are probably not as flattering as they once were. We’ll see. I guess I’ll take pictures on Thursday.
Ok soo about my weekend. I was a zombie. Only today I think I’m a little more awake. These pictures are from Saturday… I had 8am class and woke up at 7:38. I normally would have rushed out the door but I figured I had class until 12pm so it was ok if I was a couple of minutes late; I just couldn’t pass on my coffee.
Oh! and if you are wondering… why the title? Well, I heard on the radio a cold front was coming this weekend… yeap. Still waiting for it.

Como estan? Yo aquiiii.. es Domingo y estoy tratando de planear mi semana. Cuando digo mi semana en verdad solo estoy preocupada por mi disfraz del Jueves… He pensado en ser Hindu o una jugadora de volley. Creo que pudiera pasar como Hindu y tambien tengo todo el uniforme de volley entonces los dos son disfrazes faciles. Quien sabe? Supongo que decidire en estos dias y pondre fotos 🙂
Entonces… sobre mi fin de semana. Fui mas o menos un zombie. No paraba de dormir… estas fotos son del Sabado, tuve clase a las 8am y me desperte a las 7:38 jajaja. Normalmente hubiera salido corriendo pero como la clase es hasta las 12pm supuse que podia tomar mi tiempo; no podia dejar de tomar mi cafesito.
Ah! sobre el titutlo del post. Escuche en la radio que iba a bajar la temperatura un poco (razon por mi sueter) perooooo, sigo esperado.

What I wore: 
Sweater: Shop here
Pants: SimilarSimilar
Loafers: Nine West
Sunglasses: Loft 


30 thoughts on “Cold Front?

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  2. Hi!

    Thank you so much for reaching out to me! I checked out the website and love it!
    I created my profile but still have to my first post.
    Again, thank you so much this is such a great opportunity.

    Have a great week!


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