Friday Pick-Me Up?

Don’t know if there is such a thing as a Friday pick-me up but here it is. This week has been a little weird, I’m sorry I didn’t post more stuff… I was feeling weird but it’s ok, I’m back!Everyone’s allowed a weird week every once in a while, right? 
So, what inspires you? 1st picture: Elegance, simplicity. 2nd picture: Beauty; who doesn’t want these flowers? 3rd picture: Passion; Chiara Ferragni has a lot of that. 4th picture: Life; You don’t know the meaning of a simple smile until you cry (for realz).
 Hola Hola! 
Perdon por estar un poco ausente esta semana, solo fue una semana un poco rara… pero ya esta todo bien! 
Termino la semana con estas fotitos que encontre y me encantan. 
Entonces, donde encuentran inspiracion? Foto1: Elegancia, simplicidad. Foto2: Belleza; quien no quieres flores asi? Foto 3: Pasion; Chiara Ferragni tiene muchisima pasion. Foto 4: La vida; No conoces el significado de una simple sonrisa hasta que lloras (de verdad). 
PS. Have a Beautiful Weekend! 
PS2: Check out my Instagram to see what costume I chose for Halloween 🙂

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