Story 1

I was happily going through my instagram feed during my lunch break at work when all of the sudden the pictures stopped loading… umm, what?! Tap on it once, tap on it twice; nothing. Maybe I’m too far away from the router, I’ll see the pictures when I get back to my desk. Nope. Did not happen. I sat on my comfy chair to check my emails, nothing. I think I was afraid to mention it so I was relieved when my boss said “I think the internet is down”. What do we do now? Oh yea, let’s call At&T.
… After probably an hour on the phone (don’t you hate when you call about a specific situation and the bombard you with a thousand other non-relevant questions??) it was concluded that they had to fix something in their system and that we will probably get connectivity back tomorrow in the afternoon. WHAT?! We neeeeed internet, our jobs, our lives depend on it.
It got me thinking, it’s amazing how our world ends without the internet. It even amazes me more how people in the past lived and worked withoutthe internet. How was that possible? How did people know what to do? How did they expand their business? How did the world operate? I don’t know but right now I’m dying to go on the web and read more fashion blogs, pin some cool stuff and re-blog trendy things on Tumblr.
And here I am, instead of talking to my co-worker, I find myself writing this on a word document because in a world where no one sleeps because the internet doesn’t sleep, it is just easier to communicate in writing. Good? Bad? Honestly, at this point there can be no judgment… the future will decide.
PS. Shoot. There is no internet in the office, so how the hell am I going to email this to me so that I can post it on the blog???
… life’s and adventure, let’s find out!

Ps. Had to wait to come into the office today to be able to post this… hahaha

4 thoughts on “Story 1

  1. It's pretty ironic alright. When the internet goes down at my job, it really feels like we're paralyzed. It's sad but true. I find it funny too since I'm constantly on my phone so if/when it's slow, it feels painful. You'd think I was obsessed or something….har har



  2. yes! writing has become such an scape for me. I can just go on and on… for this post I had to cut some parts because I felt it was too lengthy and people wouldn't want to read it. It's sad how people just want pictures sometimes but some writing every once in a while doesn't hurt anyone 🙂
    Thanks for passing by, have a great day!


  3. I actually think we are obsessed and it's a little sad haha what's dinner with friends when you texting oooother friends? I guess we can make some changes but reality is reality.
    Thank you for reading, means a lot ❤


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