3 Ways

So, as many of you know, I’m in the process of getting my MBA. It’s difficult to find the time to do all of the reading and work involved in graduate school but I keep forcing myself to stay in school because I know later on in life I will be grateful. Life is not easy; there is a lot of competition out there and having the opportunity to do something extra should not be taken lightly. Actually it’s awesome that I get to go to school because I can incorporate what I learn into my work. I don’t remember exactly what the words my professor used were but they uttered something like this: “Do not think everything that could be has already been discovered or created; if Steve Jobs would have thought like that, he would have never been Steve Jobs” There is always room for creativity, there is always room for improvement. The world is huge and there are a million problems, big or small, important or insignificant, waiting to be solved. Go out there, be informed and try to solve those problems.
As much as I wish I could solve deeper, more important problems, I have to start with what I can. My mission is to help others, especially girls. This is the reason why I have chosen fashion as my “passion”. Not because I want to dress pretty and have the most expensive bag but because I want to get to others. I have a feeling girls are, more often than not, mistreated (in every sense of the word) and I believe fashion can serve as the door into their souls. Even if I can’t meet everyone, maybe one day with one of my “tips” I can make a girl turn her frown into a smile and that will be the day when I will feel the most successful.
Having said that, let’s turn this post into a brighter one!
I asked my best friend what’s 1 fashion/beauty problem she would want solved; “3 different looks with the same skirt”. She asked, I did. Here you go! 

Look 1: Edgy

Look 2: Bohemian chic
Look 3: Classy
What I wore: 
Skirt: Androbel (I’m wearin M)
Look 1 top: Androbel
Look 2 top: Francescas 
Look 3 top: Androbel


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