Androbel Boutique

Happy Monday!
Sorry I was a little absent last week but I had a busy week with homework :/. Anyway, I wanted to start this week with this post because I realized I had never done a real Androbel post. I own a small women’s online boutique called Androbel and this blog is actually Androbel’s blog. From now on I would like to start posting more things Androbel related although I will still post personal stuff like I have been doing for the past couple of months. These pictures were taken on the opening day, I hope you like them 🙂

Perdon por haber estado un poco perdida la semana pasada pero estuve llena de tareas para la universidad:/ Pero bueno, queria comenzar la semana con este post porque me di cuenta que nunca habia dedicado una entrada solo para Androbel. Androbel es mi tienda de mujeres por internet y este blog, es de Androbel pero lo uso para mi estilo personal. Comenzando esta semana queria enfocarme mas en Androbel aunque igual pondre cosas mas personales como lo he estado haciendo por este tiempo. Estas fotos son del dia del evento de apertura, espero que les gusten 🙂

This last picture is from a pop-up shop we did at Lynn University (I got my bachelor’s there<3). I love doing pop-up shops because you get to interact with so many different people you never thought possible. If you know of any places to do a pop-up shop in South Florida let me know! 
Black Sparkly Dress: Here
Hot Pink Dress: Here
Floral Top: Here
Cranberry Pants: Here
Thank you for passing by, I really enjoy writing these posts 🙂 


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