What to write. As I sit here in the office, waiting a for a new task to come up, I ask myself… what can I write? There are so many issues around us everyday whether if its family related or about society as a whole. I know about the world news mostly because my mom fills me in everyday but other than that nowadays, I read a lot about fashion and things that affect the industry that I have fallen in love with. I was reading Wendy’s Lookbook and she wrote the story of this bunny and it’s instagram profile. Reading her words was awesome because I pretty much complain about social media all the time but, the way she described her connection with the bunny reminded me that good, centered people do exist.
I can sit here and write about how horrible this year has been but I would feel guilty about all the beautiful things that have happened. Instead, I’ll say, this year has been full of crazy events. These events have made me turn into a complete disaster where crying sometimes is non-stop but it has also led to be more cautious. It has taught me that although its a horrible thing, one can really trust no one. One is to carefully choose who to trust and even when you think you might be right you can end up being totally wrong. I don’t and I don’t think I’ll ever understand how people can take relationships so easily; one day you call them family, the next day they are complete strangers. The reason why Wendy’s story was so touching to me is because I have lost faith in people, and to read such sensitive words coming from a person that never met the bunny but just saw pictures on instagram is almost unbelievable to me.
As I sit here, I don’t know what to write. I don’t really now what else to say. I really don’t wish anything bad on anyone; people’s choices are their own but unfortunately people are not alone in this world and their decisions affect others. I just really hope that one day, all the people that do bad decisions, decisions that intentionally hurt others, find a way to have some heart in them and feel deep remorse. Remorse. That’s all I want. Everything else comes and goes, it has always been like that.
PS. These pictures were taken a little while ago but I love the romanticism of them. Pretty girl, pretty dress, awesome photographer, beautiful setting <3. 


16 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. For once I have the time to read and not just watch the pictures, so I'll talk about what you actually wrote. I'm not so sure you can loose your faith in people eternally, because it would prevent so many good things to happen to you. Being let down is horrible, it sometimes takes years to get over the wounds and the grief, but when you open up to the world and people again, some pretty amazing things can happen.
    Growing older taught me that it's good to only have a bunch of people you trust in life, your real friends and family, which is more than enough.
    Mafalda ❤


  2. Hi,
    I think you are one of the few that actually reads the post as to just looking at the pictures. I appreciate you sitting down and writing this to me. You are correct, it takes time no matter what kind of wound it is. You are also right when you say that loosing faith in people might prevent us from good things to actually happen to us. My strategy is to accept everyone at first and then observe… it works sometimes and some amazing things have happened :).
    Again, thank you for writing and thank you for reading.
    Happy Holidays!


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