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Today we will talk about this because last Friday I had my first class of the semester and my professor asked this question: What are your goals and aspirations in life? Well, when I read the question, in my head I answered: Being happy. After that, I started thinking (why doesn’t my mind ever stop?!) and thought he actually meant, What are your goals and aspirations… when it comes to business? Why would I think he meant that? Maybe because I’m in business class? I don’t know.
Of course I was the first person to be called on and I answered: To be successful enough to be able to travel. Yes, this is true; the big reason why I have a 9-5 job while starting and building my own business on the side, while going to grad school, while trying to have a life is because I want to be able to accommodate my family and have enough left to travel and see different places… I don’t think there is greater compensation for hard work than travel. But, what I’m trying to get to is that my biggest goal and aspiration in life is to be happy and while being happy transmit that happiness to others; whether it is by saying Hi to them, or giving them fashion advice, or selling them a top from the store… anything counts. Everyone should be happy and that is my greatest intention.
So yeah, it bothered me that I chose my “business” answer over my “personal” answer but what bothered me the most was that almost everyone’s answer in the class referred to money. Their answers went something like this:

– “Money”
– “Make money” 
– “Be a Billionaire”

MMM What?! If I thought my answer was shallow, what are these? They are linking life straight with money; to them, Life = Money. Not cool.
Anyway, I don’t want to make this too long. My whole point is: Money can buy you lots of things, we all know this… but it won’t buy you a family, it won’t buy you real friends and it will never buy you happiness. Life cannot be linked with money because money can disappear with the simple touch of a button and then what? You want to die? Nope, nope, I’m thinking we are too young for that!
Whatever you do in life, do it well and do it with good intention. Find the subliminal message behind it; if you can’t find it… create it!

What do think about the answers in my class? How do you measure your success? What are your goals and aspirations in life?
Tell me! 

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. Loved this discussion about goals and happiness. If I had to choose between material stuff like big home, nice car etc or travel I would still choose travel or choose between make a big money and be miserable or do what I like and enjoy and just make a living, still the second! There are some stuff in this world that you can't buy and the most important of them is happiness!

    Have a great weekend
    OceanWind Blog


  2. I completely agree with you 100% here. Travel is the main reason why I work. I feel like I haven't seen anything and don't even fully understand life and humanity because I haven't been able to travel yet. Money means nothing to me. Of course, I need to be able to provide food and shelter for myself, but being a billionaire? That's just unnecessary. And if I were to somehow come into a lot of money, I'd give 99% of it away to help others (including my family). The greed of some people makes me sad. Hopefully one day they will realize that money isn't the answer to anything. In fact, most of the time, it's the problem. Thanks for sharing this and making me think! 🙂

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


  3. Hi! Yeap. And you are completely right, money most of the time is the problem. Of course I wouldnt turn away a job that pays well because that is always a plus but, happiness and life always come first!
    Your welcome! I'm actually really happy that people sit and read these kind of posts, I always think no ones going to read them… so, I'm always surprised haha.
    Have a great day!


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