Woman Crush: Alexa Chung

I don’t think I’ve done a girl crush post in a while, I think I used to call them “Style Icon” posts but I think: “Girl Crush” is more of a true statement. This girl, or well, woman, has been my girl crush for a while now. The way she dresses is amazing, she takes any piece of clothing and makes it stylish. Maybe it’s because she’s tall or maybe because she never overdoes her makeup, or maybe because her hair looks so natural. I don’t know the reason behind her awesomeness but she can take a top as simple as a v-neck and make it fashionable. The other reason why I love her? she made flats be fashionable again! Who wants to walk in heels aaaaall the time? Not me, and clearly not her. 

Creo que ha pasado un buen tiempo desde que hice una entrada sobre mi “crush” antes llamaba este tipo de posts, Iconos de Moda pero la verdad es que creo que “Girl Crush” es mas apropiado. Alexa Chung me ha encantado desde hace mucho tiempo; es que no se como lo hace pero todo lo que se pone le queda increible, quizas es porque es alta, o porque nunca usa muchisimo maquillaje o por el pelo que lleva siempre que le da un look “natural”. No se cual sea su secreto pero lo que si es verdad es que hasta la camiseta mas simple, la sabe vestir. Otra razon para que me guste tanto? Hizo el retorno de los flats! Quien quiere caminar en tacones todo el dia para verse elegante? Obviamente no yo, y claramente ella tampoco :). 

As far as her personality, I’ve heard she’s not your typical “oh, I’m so nice” kinda girl, after all she’s British. I don’t know her but I think I’m ok with a girl being a little tough if she dresses like her. We all need a little roughness to get through life, so good for her! 


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