Hi Guys!
Enjoy my first video ever hahaha and come by Dream Hotel in South Beach today from 6-9pm if you are in the area!

Espero que les guste mi super video jajaja y vengan al Dream Hotel en Miami Beach hoy de 6-9pm si estan por aqui!

See ya!


Look Fresh

It’s no surprise that I don’t like wearing makeup; I mean, I like it (it makes me look 10 times better) but I just never really got into the habit of neeedding to put it on every morning so, I wear it on 2 occasions. 

  • When I go out, out. Or,
  • The morning after (the club, that is).
So, the narcissist in me wanted to know what kind of foods would keep me from looking like death every morning. I want to know what kinds of food are healthy enough that your skin reflects it. 
This is what I found: 
According to Jo Lewin from BBC GOOD FOOD fruits and veggies are all you need. 
  • Pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, papaya and spinach are strong antioxidants which are necessary for skin cell development and healthy skin tone. 
  • Vitamin C found in: blueberries, kiwi, oranges, papaya, broccoli and strawberries are also antioxidants great for the immune system, radiant skin and helps blemishes heal properly. These are awesome because they help produce collagen which is what our skin looses as we age AKA wrinkles. 

Workout. You get more oxygen and blood flow to the skin which allows nutrients to get to your skin and that helps getting glowing skin.

Ok, so I hope this helps a little guide. I don’t want to bore you with too much information; next time we’ll take about more ways to be and look healthy.

Before I go… Don’t forget to drink your water and of course… sleep! 

Meet: El Mini Market

On Sunday, Luis and I had a little pop-up shop at Wood Tavern in Miami, Fl. It was our first time doing the show and I have to say… it was really cool! Lots of people, music, drinks and just a great vibe. We got there at 2pm to set up and left around 8pm. A lot of people came by and told us cute things, some bought some things other took cards and other left us their contact information. THANK YOU ALL! We will be back next month, be on the lookout! 

El Domingo, Luis y yo tuvimos una mini tiendita en Wood Tavern en Miami, Florida. Nunca habia ido antes a este evento y la verdad es que super chevere; mucha gente, musica, tragos y mas que nada solo una buena atmosfera!  Durante el dia hubieron personas que se acercaron a decirnos cosas lindas, otros compraron cositas, otros tomaron los business cards y otros nos dieron su informacion. GRACIAS!! Estaremos ahi el proximo mes, espernnos!!
People were loving this “Chiller”!

I was wearing an entire Androbel look but unfortunately I only have the kimono and the shorts left! The necklace is similar to the silver one on the picture, let me know if you want it. 
Everything else you can find at my store: here 
Have a great Wednesday! 

Getting to 40

Ok, yes I’m not 40 but if you continue reading this post you’ll see what I mean. 
I wore this to class on Saturday and when I got home I asked my sister if she would take some outfit pictures. After about 5 minutes, she tells me ” You need to wear something on your face, something that makes it stand out” and I realized that, no. I don’t need to. The reason why a person opens a blog is to first of all write some type of message and then of course if it’s a fashion blog, you add something that has to do with fashion. From my point of view, a blog is an outlet to share your feelings, your thoughts, your likes and dislikes. A blog, is an outlet to express yourself and in essence, to be yourself. I don’t ever want to offend anyone as I follow many, many blogs that day by day look more and more like an editorial in a magazine but the truth is… the reason why I blog, is to share and spread my ideas…maybe somewhere out there will identify with me and it will put a smile on his/her face. So, my thoughts are: If I were to wear heels, get a hairdo and put makeup on my face everyday I take pictures for this blog, that would be a lie. I’m not here to act as an advertisement, I’m here to share with you things I like and hope for; if one of the brands sells something or Androbel gets an extra sale, that is a huge plus of course, but it’s not the reason behind it all. 

Ok, no, yo no tengo 40 anios jajaa pero si siguen leyendo esta entrada quizas lo entiendan un poco mejor. 
Bueno, esto fue lo que me puse el Sabado para ir a clases y cuando regrese le pregunte a mi hermana si me podia tomar unas fotos. Despues de como 5 minutos me dice “Ponte algo en la cara para que se vean mas vivas las fotos” y bueno lo pense pero despues dije No. No tengo que ponerme nada en la cara para que las fotos sean mejores. Un blog segun yo es para expresarse y compartir con la gente las ideas, pensamientos, proyectos y cosas que deseamos y se espera en alguna parte del mundo alguien se identifique con lo mismo que tu… quizas hagas sonreir a algo y de eso se deberia de tratar.  Nunca quiero ofender a nadie porque ademas yo sigo muchisimos blogs que cada dia parecen mas revistas que blogs personales pero lo que quiero decir es que: Si me pusiera tacones, me hiciera un super peinado y me maquillara cada vez que me tomo fotos para el blog, seria una mentira. No busco ser una propaganda, si algunas de las marcas que uso logra vender algo, o Androbel vende algo obviamente que es super cool pero no es la razon detras de todo esto. 

Yeap, I got mad and took the pictures myself. Sorry, sister sister. 
Y si, me puse brava y me tome las fotos yo jajaja. 
Ok, and about the 40. I’ve had these shorts on my store for a long while now and people like them but they are too expensive. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them for the store but I’ve listened and I have taken action. Shorts come in white, orange, lilac and demin. They are now $40 except for the denim $43. 
Ok, y sobre lo de 40. He tenido estos shorts por muchoo tiempo en la tienda, y a la gente les gusta pero la verdad es que son super caros entonces los he escuchado y he actuado. Estos shorts vienen en blanco, naranja, lila y jean. Todos cuestan $40 a excepcion de los de jean $43. 
Ok. ENOUGH writing, have a great day!! 

Cute Edge

I’m sitting in class as I type this but I think I should listen to my professor. I turned in my project wohoo! Ok. I’ll be back to finish this in a little bit.  Ok so, let’s talk about this outfit. I wore this on Saturday for my sister’s birthday; she turned 18, wow! Well, it was going to be chilly at night so I wanted to wear my leather jacket and my booties. The outfit was starting to look a little too edgy so I put on a girly top. Peplum tops, do you like them? I have mixed feelings about them because I don’t like clothes being too tight on me but this particular one I do like. It doesn’t have a back zipper and the cinch at the waist is not sewed, it’s strecthy and 100% silk. Cute print, cool colors, comfortable and elegant… Everything I need, do you like it? 

Cuando comenze a hacer este post estaba en clase pero decidi prestar atencion a mi profesor entonces ahora lo estoy escribiendo desde la oficina ajaja. Anoche entregue mi proyecto finalmente woohoo! Ahora tengo 2 mas 🙂 
Bueno, sobre este outfit deberiamos de hablar. Me lo puse el Sabado para cenar por el cumpleanos de mi hermana que cumplio 18. Iba a hacer un poco de frio en la noche entonces queria usar mi chaqueta cuero y mis botitas pero como pueden ver el look ya estaba un poco “edgy” entonces consegui una blusa mas femenina. Las blusas peplum me gustan por lo general pero nunca he comprado una porque no me gustan las cosas apretadas al cuerpo pero esta es perfecta. Es perfecta por el estampado y los colores y porque envez de un cierre en la espalda tiene un banda stretch en la cintura y aparte es 100% ceda… creo que no necesito nada mas! Les gusta?

What I wore: 
Shorts: Loft
Purse: Michael Kors
Jacket: Cole Haan
Boots: Got them at Macys
** I invite you to visit my online store and if you wish to shop, use coupon code “LUSHTOBLUSH” for 20% off **


Do you live in South Florida? If so, join us this Sunday at Wood Tavern (a very cool bar) for drinks, food and lots of art and shopping! 
Viven en el Sur de la Florida? Si si, vengan con nosotros este Domingo a Wood Tavern (un bar super cool!) y disfruten de tragos, comida, arte y shopping! 
Can’t wait 🙂 

One Day

What a great weekend! 
Valentines Day was very cute, sweet and fantastic so a big thank you to my love. 
Saturday was my sisters 18 and we went to brunch then Grey’s Anatomy marathon then we went out for Mexican dinner. yummy. 
Sunday we took a little ferry to the Bahamas! woohoo. It was a 1 day trip but it was fun and relaxing. I really recommend this fast ferry; you take it at 7am and spend the day at the beach and then come back to Fort Lauderdale at around 10-11pm. The only bad part was that it got delayed a little bit on the way back so we got home at around midnight, but it was still fun! 
And now… let’s begin this sleepless week. I have a huge project due on Wednesday and I haven’t really started, so I’ll do that tonight and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. On Thursday I will be able to sleep a little more. can’t wait. 

Que buen fin de semana! 
San Valentin fue un dia super cute y sweet. Gracias guappooo! 
Sabado fue el cumpleanos de mi hermana, cumplio 18! entonces comimos pancakes en la manana, despues vimos Grey’s Anatomy por bastantes horas jaja y luego cenamos Mexicano. Yummy! 
El Domingo, tomamos un barco a las Bahamas y fue super divertido. Aunque solo fue un dia la pasamos super bien. Si viven en Miami les recomiendo que agarren el fast ferry desde Fort Lauderdale a Freeport. Se la pasa super bien, sales como a las 7am y regresas tipo 11pm. Lo unico malo fue que se retraso de regreso y llegamos un poco mas tarde de lo se esperaba pero bueno, todo bien. 
Y bueno, ahora comineza la semana en la que tendre mucho sueno. Tengo un proyecto que entregar el Miercoles y la verdad es que todavia no lo empiezo… El Jueves podre dormir un poco mas. Yay! 

And well, I had to take silly pictures with this awesome top, to show it to all of you! I love the print and the colors. My mom wears it casually with some skinny jeans but I like it for the beach. It’s made out of mesh so it doesn’t get hot even though its has long sleeves. And if you ask me, the colors are perfect for a bright beach day! Well, unfortunately, there’s only 1 left… you can find it here buuuutt if you like the print, we also have beach pants with the same print! Find those hereee! 

Y bueno me tuve que tomar unas fotos graciosas para ensenarles esta blusa a ustedes! Mi mama la usa casualmente con skinny jeans o shorts pero a mi me gusta mas para la playa. El material es “mesh” entonces no es nada calurosa! lo unico malo es que solo nos queda 1 pero lo bueno es que esta en descuento jaja la pueden encontrar aqui! La otra buena noticia es que tenemos el mismo estampado en unos pantalones que serian super cool para la playa tambien. Mirenlos aqui! 

Thank you all for visiting this little blog and for leaving your comments below. It’s really cool and awesome and I appreciate all of them. 
I wanted to invite you to my store Androbel , we have added a new collection called Ladzal Cah which supports Guatemalan artisans and it would be awesome if you could check out our new happy products!