Let’s Talk: Disconnected

Ha! I know, perfect picture 🙂 I found it on Pinterest haha.
I love this little series I have started; one of my best friends told me that writing is a good way to help yourself and I have come to absolutely love it! Thanks Ari 🙂

Well, I wanted to write about this feeling. Yesterday I was feeling a little weird because I miss that time in my life when everyone was friends with everyone and everyone hung out together. all the time. I miss it. I miss hanging out at home with my besties and then partying with them. I guess this is called, growing up? Maybe?
I like it, don’t get me wrong. I like the feeling of working hard and learning things day in and day out but we all went into different industries, we all went to lead different lives and its a little hard to keep up. Some of us are working, others are working and going to school so it is just plain difficult to plan something we can all commit to.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to cancel everything from my “after-work” agenda and I just sat in my sisters’ room and watched Grey’s Anatomy while she was doing homework. I didn’t see my friends but I texted with 2 of them and it felt great. It reminded me that friendship is not in the quantity but in the quality. So… you might not be interested at all in my personal life and I get that but, if you take away anything from this post is that: In all aspects of life, quality exceeds quantity. It’s very simple after all. 

Hope you enjoy these posts, have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Disconnected

  1. Love this post! I can definitely relate. All of my best friends live in different states: Florida, New York, Louisiana, and California. All while I live in Georgia! That's one thing that really sucks about growing up, but you're right, it's important to work on those relationships. Great post!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


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