Super Bowl Sunday!

Well Hello!! 
It’s SuperBowl Sunday and I’m writing this post with Dixie next to me 🙂 To tell you the truth, Football is not really a sport I like sooo I guess I’m just into it because of the yummy food. My dad is making steak right now and I can’t wait to eat it all. 
Anyway, this outfit was from Saturday, which was full of activities! Went to crossfit with a friend, went to class, went to dinner with Luis and then spent sometime at a friends house. I love my polkadot shorts and I love the color of the top my mom got me when we went to Colorado. While we ski, she goes to the outlets haha. Excuse my face, no make up and not really excited to go to class. 

Hooola Holaa! 
Hoy es el superbowl y estoy sentada aqui con Dixie escribiendo esto. Supongo que la unica parte del superbowl que me gusta es la comida jajaja mi papa esta cocinando carne y ya me la quiero comer todaaa. 
Este outfit me lo puse el Sabado. Por la manana fui a crossfit con una amiga, luego a clase, luego a cenar con Luis y al final pase tiempo con una amiga. Me puse mis shorts de polkadot que me facinan con esta blusa que mi mama me compro cuando estabamos en Colorado. Ella se va a los outlets mientras nosotros esquiamos jajaja. Perdonme la cara pero casi no uso maquillaje y no tenia muchas ganas de ir a clase! 

Shorts: here Top: Calvin Klein Cardigan: Tahari

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