A Day In Androbel

This is a new series that I’m starting (I’m getting into the rhythm of things, I tell ya) every Wednesday there will be a post concerning Androbel. The store, new things, projects, services, photoshoots, sales… anything that has to do directly with Androbel, the store.Β 
Today I bring to you some pictures that were taken a couple of weeks ago. I’m wearing jewelry from Tatiana Cruz; she is from Ecuador and hand makes every piece of jewelry that you see me wearing. Her jewelry line is beautiful because of the semi-precious stones used and the unique designs implemented into every piece. The stones used all have a meaning, which is why the line is so special. It’s a way to bring spirituality into your life; for example, the red coral in the earrings above bring us protection against diseases, jealousy and selfishness. Beautiful, huh?
Este tipo de posts es una nueva serie que estoy empezando… Un dia en Androbel :). Todos los Miercoles habra un post sobre todo lo que esta pasando en Androbel: nuevas cosas, promociones, photoshoots, servicios, etc. Hoy les traigo un Sabado paso en casa, haciendo un photoshoot con estas joyas de Tatiana Cruz.
Tatiana Cruz es una disenadora Ecuatoriana, todas sus piezas estan hechas a mano usando piedras semi-preciosas y plata. La linea es super especial por los colores de las piedras y los disenos que son incorporados en cada pieza. Cada color de piedra tiene un significado, por ejemplo, la piedra del coral rojo nos brinda proteccion de enfermedades, envidia y egoismo. Hermoso verdad?
I’m finishing up the pictures, hoping next week these beauties will be on the shop. I will let you know, don’t worry πŸ™‚ I will also do more posts with the meaning of each stone used on the jewelry.
Estoy terminando las fotos esperando que la proxima semana estas hermosuras esten en la tienda. Yo les aviso, no se preocupen πŸ™‚ Tambien hare mas posts sobre el significado de cada piedra en las joyas.
Tank:HereΒ Skirt: HereΒ  Kimono: HereΒ Pants: HereΒ  Shoes:Here

32 thoughts on “A Day In Androbel

    • Hi! Thank you so much! they will be online soon and of course you can full them off!! you just need a simple outfit and you won’t feel like you are over doing it ❀


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