A Day In Lisa’s Closet

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Today it’s all about Lisa and her Closet. Well, no; we are not literally getting into Lisa’s closet but more like her boutique. Let me tell you how this started. One day, my sister and I were spending some time together and walked into this cute boutique (Lisa’s Closet). We immediately fell in love with the store because it gave us a sense of home; it’s a really cozy atmosphere and it has really awesome pieces so, of course we shopped! Anyway, long story short, I fell in love and decided to contact Lisa. Now, a couple of weeks later, I’m here to bring you a snapshot about Lisa and her boutique :).

androbel, lisas closet, cooper city, shop local, boutique, womens fashion, shopping, sexy, Lisa started her boutique when she found herself out of a job. She went to school for Fashion Merchandising at FSU and although she didn’t work in the field for a while, she knew having a boutique was her next step. People around her told her not to do it; retail is a risky business, but she knew that she would be successful because she was determined. It’s been 9 years since she opened Lisa’s Closet, so I think that’s living proof of her hard work and determination!

androbel, lisas closet, cooper city, shop local, boutique, womens fashion, shopping, sexy, androbel, lisas closet, cooper city, shop local, boutique, womens fashion, shopping, sexy, androbel, lisas closet, cooper city, shop local, boutique, womens fashion, shopping, sexy, In these pictures, I’m wearing an entire outfit from the boutique. I know! It looks like a dress but, it’s actually a sexy skirt with a cool top. Never knew wearing stripes on stripes could look so cool and sexy. I really fell in love with Lisa’s Closet because of the styles and the quality of the products offered. At Lisa’s you will not only find fabulous clothing & accessories but also little trinkets that make for perfect gift ideas.
androbel, lisas closet, cooper city, shop local, boutique, womens fashion, shopping, sexy, Lisa’s Closet is located in Cooper City, Florida. If you live in the area make sure to stop by. (Click here for address)

Also, make sure to like their Facebook page & Instagram account. Although they don’t sell online (mainly because they want to keep being cozy), if you see something you LOVE on their social media outlets, all you need to do is: leave a comment and you can shop through there! Mention “ANDROBEL” and receive 10% off your purchase.


Xo, Belen


Belt it

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Good Morning lovers,

Slow start this Monday. One word describes me right now: TIRED. But, at 6pm it will all be better. My best friend, whom I mentioned here flies in today from Switzerland and I’m sooo excited! It’s going to be a crazy week (again 🙂 ) but it will be worth it.

I wore this on Saturday. A couple of years ago, I wore a belt with everytthingg around my waist and I think I feel it coming back. Last week I belted my lovely kimono (as seen on instagram) and I did it again on Saturday; the outfit just looks so much better. RIGHT?

androbel, fashion, outfit, my style, maxi, summer, belt it, what i woreHolaa!

Un poco lenta esta manana. Si hay una palabra que me describe ahorita es: Cansada. Pero no importa, a las 6pm todo mejorara. Hoy, llega mi mejor amiga a la cual mencione aqui. Viene desde de Suizaaaa yaaaay!!

Me puse esto el Sabado. Hace un par de anios, me ponia un cinturon alrededor de mi cintura con casi todooo y creo que siento que mi amor por los cinturones esta volviendo. La semana pasada me puse un cinturon con mi super kimono (como lo vieron en instagram) y el Sabado me lo puse con este look; todo se ve mejor con un cinturon, No?!


androbel, fashion, outfit, my style, maxi, summer, belt it, what i wore

Top: LOFT  Belt: Zara Skirt: Marshalls Purse: Francesca’s

Well, this week prepare yourselves for many pictures of me and my bestie living it up on instagram and also, on Wednesday, there will be a post that has to do with THIS! 

Bueno, esta semana preparense para ver muchas fotos de mi bestie y yo viviendo la vida en instagram y tambien, el Miercoles, va a ver una entrada que tiene que ver con ESTO! 

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After All… <3

birthday, dad, daddy, daddysgirl, happy birthday, fashion blogger, miami, Today, It is my dad’s birthday!!

I don’t even know how to begin this post. A lot has happened since I graduated college in 2012. Things I would have never imagine could happen. Things that have made me so, so, so, SO incredibly angry at times and so incredibly sad at others because there is no greater disappointment than realizing that a person is exactly everything you knew he/she was but never really wanted to see it because you actually loved that person. I don’t think our lives are ever going to be the same and although that hurts, I’m starting to think and believe we are and will always be at a better place in our hearts.

birthday, dad, daddy, daddysgirl, happy birthday, fashion blogger, miami, Anyway, this is not supposed to be a sad post… it’s my daddy’s BIRTHDAY! This post is to show how happy I am to have my dad. I don’t often show my affection, my love nor my appreciation for him but it’s there, it has always been there. Now, more than ever, I know there is no greater person to have as an example to guide me through life. Through all the frustrations, stress, anger, sadness and disappointment, he never failed as a dad or a husband to my mom. There is just simply no better example of never giving up no matter how fast your world seems to be crumbling down. No better example of a pure, sincere heart.

Happy Birthday papi, I know you secretly stalk me… so, here you go!

birthday, dad, daddy, daddysgirl, happy birthday, fashion blogger, miami,

Ps. Mojito’s tonight after class ❤

Ps.2: Perdon para los que hablan espanol, cuando se trata de cosas asi, soy mejor expresandome en ingles :/ Igual, gracias por pasar por aqui. Hoy es el cumpleanos de mi papi 🙂


Good Vibes Look

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Seems like ages ago that I did a solid outfit post. Again, I blame it on April being a “Crazy” month. I’ve been having a lot of fun but it becomes difficult to keep up with work things and then it gets a bit stressful because I don’t like falling behind.

Anyway, I wore this outfit on Tuesday and this first picture, I chose it because it transmits such simple happiness. Tuesday was a good day. I think good days happen when we feel prepared, when we feel we can have control of a situation. On Monday, my yoga teacher said something along these lines.. “ when we feel secure, when we feel safe in a situation, in a stage of our lives, we feel free. Only when we feel free, we allow ourselves to grow, to move into new horizons.” I loved that she said that, because for some reason, that’s how I feel. In the next couple of weeks, I will be making some changes in my life, and it’s risky and I have no answers… but something tells me, it’s ok. It’s all part of the plan.

androbel, fashion, skinny pants, red apple pants, corduroy, michael kors, blazer, ootd


Pareciera como si la ultima vez que hice una entrada sobre mi look hubiese sido hace anios. Quizas es porque este mes la verdad que ha sido super loco y no para jaja. He hecho cosas muy divertidas pero es dificil hacer tiempo para todas la cosas del trabajo y aveces (o mejor dicho, muchas veces) me estreso, porque odio el sentimiento de estarme quedando atras con mis cosas.

Bueno, este look lo llevaba el Martes y escogi la primera foto porque me parece que transmite una simple felicidad. El Martes fue un buen dia. Creo que los dias que uno clasifica como “buenos” es cuando nos sentimos preparados, cuando sentimos que podemos controlar una situacion. El Lunes, mi profesora de yoga, dijo algo asi: ” Cuando nos sentimos seguros de nosotros mismos, seguros sobre una situacion o una etapa de nuestras vidas, nos sentimos libres. Es solo cuando nos sentimos libres, que nos damos la oportunidad de crecer, de conocer nuevos horizontes.” Me encanto que dijera eso porque es como me estoy sintiendo ultimamente. En las proximas semanas, estare haciendo unos cambios en mi vida, y aunque es riesgoso y no tengo nada solucionado, ni cosas aseguradas… algo que me dice que no importa. Es todo parte del plan.

androbel, fashion, skinny pants, red apple pants, corduroy, michael kors, blazer, ootd  androbel, fashion, skinny pants, red apple pants, corduroy, michael kors, blazer, ootdandrobel, fashion, skinny pants, red apple pants, corduroy, michael kors, blazer, ootd DSC_0254

Pants: Here  Blazer: Nordstrom  Top: Michael kors

How do you define a GOOD day?

Como definen un BUEN dia?

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A Day in Androbel: Update (Spanish Version)



Hoy les queria hablar sobre unos cambios que estan pasando en Androbel. Como muchos de ustedes saben, Androbel estuvo planificado inicialmente para ser una tiene online con una variedad de ropa y accesorios. Bueno, lo he pensado muchisimo, y aunque Androbel como tienda, no cerrara, me estare enfocando en otros proyectos como este blog y ofreciendo servicios profesionales. La tienda online quedara con la ropa que me queda y en el futuro para piezas especiales que me llamen la atencion como por ejemplo: las joyas de Tatiana Cruz o la linea Ladzal Cah pero no traere ropa muy comercial, creo que mejor le puedo dejar ese trabajito a las super tiendas. En verdad si me encanta la moda por eso sigo con este blog y estoy comenzando a ofrecer servicios en la industria de la moda pero en verdad no creo que tener una tienda es mi llamado (hablare sobre esto en otra entrada <3).

Bueno ahora que ya saben mas sobre el viejo Androbel, quiero hablarles un poco sobre el nuevo Androbel!

Androbel es un destino de Moda – Negocios  y la Vida.

Con el blog, quiero escribir sobre estilo personal, belleza, salud, ejercicios, musica, libros, y en verdad de cualquier cosa que nosotras, las mujeres tenemos preguntas al respecto. Hay muchisimas cosas pasando alrededor del mundo y quiero crear un espacio en donde comienzas o terminas tu dia con una sonrisa.

El lado comerciante de Androbel consistira de:

  • Entradas de blogger (styled products, sponsored posts, product placement, giveaway)
  • Asesoria de moda para individuos (personal shopper, orginazadora de closets, asesoria de imagen)
  • Asesoria de moda para marcas/tiendas (prevision de tendencias, viajes de compras, in-store merchandising, photo shoot styling)
  • Consultoria de negocios
  • Administracion de cuentas de social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, administracion de blog)
  • Mini tienda online

Si alguien de ustedes esta o conoce a alguien que pudiera estar interesado en estos servicios, mandenme un mail a mbaquerizo@androbel.com 🙂

Entonces, para dejar esto un poco mas claro… NO estoy cerrando Androbel, solo esta sera una nueva etapa y con nuevas cosas que ofrecer, las cuales me apasionan demasiado!


Por ahora, hay una SUPER promocion en la tienda. Hay cosas que tienen hasta el 50% de descuento woohoo! Y si no encuentran nada que les guste dentro de la promocion, pueden usar el codigo “LUSHTOBLUSH” para recibir el 20% de descuento.

Que piensan sobre esta nueva etapa?

Gracias por pasar por aqui 🙂

Xo, Belen

A Day In Androbel: Update

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Picture by: HolidayVargas


Today I wanted to talk about Androbel and the changes that are happening. As some of you may know, Androbel was intended to be solely an online boutique offering awesome clothing and accessories. Well, I have really thought about this and although Androbel will not be closing, I will be shifting my focus more towards the blog and different services. I will keep the online store for special pieces that catch my eye. I’m interested in handmade products; pieces that have a meaning behind, is what I will keep bringing to the store little by little. For now, you have some clothes and then the handmade jewelry from Ecuador and the handmade pieces from Guatemala. I do love fashion which is why I’m doing the blog and services surrounding fashion but I just don’t think having an online boutique is what I was really meant to do. (I will talk about this in another post <3).

Well, now that you know about the status of old Androbel, I wanted to introduce to you, the new Androbel!

Androbel is a Fashion – Business – Life destination.

With the blog, I (Belen) intend to write about personal style, beauty, health, fitness, music, books and just about anything and everything that us, girls, have questions about.There are countless things happening in the world around us therefore my goal with this blog is to create a space where I can impact someone’s life. To create a space where someone can get lost and just… smile.

The business side of Androbel consists of:

  • Blogger posts (styled products, sponsored posts, product placement, giveaway)
  •  Fashion consulting for individuals (personal shopper, wardrobe consulting, closet organizing)
  • Fashion consulting for brands/shops (trend forecasting/buying trips, in-store merchandising, photo shoot styling)
  • Business consulting (inventory turnover, buying budget, break-even analysis, etc.)
  •  Social media management (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, blog content management)
  • Mini online boutique

If you or anyone you know might be interested in these services, email me at mbaquerizo@androbel.com 🙂

So, just to make this clear… this is NOT the end of Androbel, it’s just a new phase that I’m really, really passionate about. 

The good stuff? There is a BLOWOUT sale going on right now at Androbel most of the things are 50% off! And if you happen to like something not on sale? use coupon code “LUSHTOBLUSH” for 20% off. 

androbel, dress, tribal, online shopping, online boutique, miami, womens fashion, fashion blogger, model

 What kind of pieces would you like to see at Androbel?

Do you need help with your business? What questions do you have?

Xo, Belen

Ps. Para los que solo hablan espanol, manana pondre esta misma entrada en espanol asi nos entendemos mejor 🙂
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Needs & Wants #1

Friday!!! Where’d this week go? It’s been a very fun week. I’ve done lots of “non-work” things but has still managed to get work done and that feels good. I hate the “slacking” feeling.

Today, I wanted to start this new series! Needs & Wants 🙂 Every 2 weeks, I will post on Fridays a little list of things that I have spotted, I want or I feel like I NEED. I hope you like it and that you find some things new and exciting. Let me know!

It’s Spring and in South Florida that just means… it’s early summer. Prepare yourself. This past year, I have finally found my love for the beach. I blame it on Luis, his hipster ways and laid back outlook on life have gotten to me so, I want to make an effort and get more summery, beachy things in my closet!

needs and wants, shopping, online shopping, summer, summer shopping, dresses, sandals, summer dresses, outfit,

Viernes! Donde se fue la semana? Fue una semana super divertida. Hice muchas cosas no relacionadas al trabajo pero igual pude hacer suficiente para no sentirme como una fracaso jaja odio ese sentimiento de que no haz hecho nada.

Hoy, quiero comenzar una nueva serie en el blog! Needs & Wants 🙂 Lo cual es: Deseos y Necesidades. Todos los Viernes cada 2 semanas voy a hacer una entrada como estas en la cual les dire que cosas nuevas he visto que creo que necesito y que quiero. Espero que les guste y quizas encuentren cosas que tambien quieren para ustedes!

Es Primavera y en el sur de la florida esto significa que… ya casi es verano. Hay que prepararse ya que aqui se pone caliente suuuuper rapido. Finalmente he encontrado mi amor por la playa. Culpo a Luis ya que me he acostumbrado demasiado a su forma de ser super casual y relajada. Ahora que me gusta la playa quiero hacer un esfuerzo es vestirme mas de verano!

Shop here:

  1. Nordstrom
  2. Sheinside
  3. Banana Republic
  4. Lori’s

Sorry that this post is written as if it was Friday. I was writing it on Thursday but then my computer stopped working! I really, really, really want the #4’s. They are beautiful, right?

Quiero las #4 demasiado!!

Have a great week!!

What pieces are you looking for this summer?

Que prendas estan buscando este verano?

Xo, Belen
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