Life: Good Morning

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Good Morning!

I’ve tried juicing before. When it became the “it” thing to do to be “healthy” I tried it; I’ve done that 5-7 juices a day I think and maybe I was a little crazy. I mean, in the moment it’s torture but at the end of the day you feel amazing. Now, that I have gotten over the “it” thing, I still do it but I do it like a normal person.

Sometimes when I feel bloated or I’m having one of those “Ugh, I’m fat and ugly” days, I turn to my juicer in the mornings. Mornings are what sets our days apart from a good one or a bad one. I don’t know about you but I love GOOD days!

When I do my juices I always try to mix veggies with fruit because I don’t really like the taste of most vegetables. Here’s a recipe I did the other day.

  • – Cucumber
  • – Kale
  • – Orange
  • – Broccoli
  • – Apple

androbel, food, health, fitness, juice, juicing, veggies, fruit, lifestyle, miami, blogger

Buenos Dias!

He tratado muchas veces eso de “juicing” . Cuando se puso de moda, probe eso de tomar 5 o 7 jugos al dia para limpiar el sistema. Sueno super loco y la verdad es que en el momento es una tortura pero al final del dia, se siente riquisimo! Ahora que ya esta pasando de moda, sigo tomando bastante jugos pero ahora como una persona normal.

Aveces, cuando me siento inchada o solamente me siento “gorda y fea”, siempre cuento con mi maquina de jugos. Las mananas son lo que separan los buenos dias de los malos y no se ustedes pero prefiero mil veces los BUENOS dias!!

Cuando hago mis jugos, trato de mezclar frutas con vegetales porque en verdad no me gusta mucho el sabor de algunos vegetales. La siguiente es una receta del ultimo jugo que hice:

  • -Pepino
  • -Kale
  • -Broccoli
  • -Manzana
  • -Naranja


And the following is the result… It might sound crazy Β and like a total lie but, whenever I drink a juice like this one in the morning, my day is full of energy and I tend to stay fuller through-out the day.

Y el resultado es el siguiente… Puede que suene como una mentira pero cada vez que tomo unos de estos jugos en la manana, mi dia esta lleno de energia y me mantengo mas llena que normalmente.

androbel, food, health, fitness, juice, juicing, veggies, fruit, lifestyle, miami, bloggerWhat do you do to keep your energy up?

Que hacen para mantener su energia?

Xo, Belen


23 thoughts on “Life: Good Morning

  1. I am a juicing machine! Love the kale/spinach/apple mix…lotsa leafy greens and you’re right, just a bit of fruit so I can get a bit of sweetness in there!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog love, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog


    • Yea I don;t think I could do it without the fruits to be honest. If I don’t have any tasty fruits, I usually just put some lemon/lime in there.
      Your welcome! hope to see you around here again as well :))


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