Who do you miss?

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So, I wanted to write about the 5 days I spent in Burlington.
3 friends went to visit 1 friend. I have always known we were different but during this trip, I realized how different we are. 4 friends all with different passions and interests. It’s funny how things work, right? When we are younger we are attracted to people we think are similar to us but, years go by and everything changes. Sometimes we don’t notice how everything has changed until we stop and take a look around.
During this trip, I was able to see that. I didn’t really do any work stuff. I was just enjoying my time. One of my friends is a teacher, the other one is a psychologist, the other one is an environmentalist and I’m a business person. We visited my friends’ school(the environmentalist) and it was so cool to see everything in real life. It’s amazing to me how people can have such a deep interest in the well being of the environment. I do care about the environment but I don’t surround my world around it. Maybe I should. I dont know. Anyway, it was amazing to see how we are all different but how we are all interested in each others’ stuff, even if they are not that interesting to us personally. I think that is what friendship is all about. We probably don’t understand in each other 100% when we talk about daily lives but we do connect in such an emotional level. It’s magical.
androbel, friends, friendship, love, true. personal

I encourage everyone to take a look at your lives today. What are you missing? But most importantly, Who are you missing? Do you miss the way things used to be? Do you miss talking to them? Being interested in the same things? Well, maybe things won’t ever be the same, same but true friendships never go to waste. My best friend lives in what we can call a “hippie” city. I read fashion blogs everyday. We grow but our hearts remain the same. Don’t ever let go of the people that shaped you, they are all you’ve got. The rest…comes and goes.

androbel, friends, friendship, love, true. personal

Maybe tonight I’ll have a drink in the name of friendship. You should too.
Xo, Belen


Life: The Beautiful World

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It’s a shame when they say that it’s been done and said
They keep digging that grave let them bury their heads
There’s a kid with a dream and a sky full of stars
There’s another first kiss in the back of some car
Turn a page and write the story

Hello! It’s Tuesday, which means I post something that has to do with life. As you may know, I’m obsessed with Bon Jovi and I play his songs in my car everyday. His last cd has been in my car for about a year now and I’m not tired of it. The lyrics above are from the song ” Beautiful World”. When you listen to this song, your spirit lifts up; it’s amazing how a song can suddenly change your mood, huh?

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Well, my reflection for today about the song: Everything has been thought impossible until it was achieved. Don’t get discouraged. Everyday is a new day, full of possibilities. Everyday a new kid is born, a kid with dreams. Don’t let adulthood take the kid out of you.

Xo, Belen

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About the 9-5

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Hello little girls! How are you today?

It’s monday and this week marks my last day at my 9-5 job. wooho!! I’m happy, I’m about to start a new part of my life or maybe I’m just finally doing what I should have done from the beginning. In December, I will be done with my MBA (hopefully) and all this time I have been working full time plus trying to start and grow my own business. Yes, I’ve kind of been killing myself. I have this thought in my mind that goes something like this ” I’m 22, I’m young, I can do it all. I don’t have any real responsibilities, I can go nights without sleeping. I can do it all.” mmmm not true. after a year and some months, I have finally accepted the fact that there is no point in doing it all if you are doing them half way or maybe doing them but not really taking it in and learning along the way. Wednesday is my last day at work and I can’t wait to finally have time to be a real student and a real business owner.

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Hola Hola!! como estan??

Es lunes, y esta semana marca mi ultimo dia en mi trabajo. woohoo!! Estoy feliz, estoy apunto de comenzar otra etapa de mi vida, o quizas estoy finalmente haciendo lo que tuve que haber hecho desde el principio. Como ustedes saben, estoy por terminar mi Master y la verdad es que me estaba volviendo loca. Estudiando tiempo completo, trabajando tiempo completo y tratar de crecer mi negocio, la verdad es que es mucho. Tengo un pensamiento en mi cabeza que va algo asi: “Tengo 22 anios, soy joven, no tengo responsabilidades de verdad, no estoy cansada, lo puedo todo.” La verdad del asunto es que, quizas si lo pueda con todo, y quizas si sea joven pero no le veo al punto a tratar de hacerlo todo sin hacerlo bien o quizas hacerlo todo y no aprender en el camino. Entonces si! finalmente pude vencer ese pensamiento que tenia en mi cabeza y sere una estudiante nuevamente :).

androbel, fashion, outfit, business, business talk, fashion blogger, miami, small business androbel, fashion, outfit, business, business talk, fashion blogger, miami, small business

Pants: J.Crew Blouse: Calvin Klein Necklace: Francesca’s

Do you have any plans this week?

Que planes tienen esta semana?

Xo, Belen

Life: This is It

20140502-084100.jpgHappy Friday!

I said this week was going to be crazy. April has been a crazy month and it’s about to come to an end. I’m all backed up in my classes and as you can see on the blog as well. I was happy though I was able to get this post on the blog this week. I hope you guys enjoyed it 🙂

Anyway, as I was saying… I’m all backed up in school work and regular work and I have a cold but yesterday was a day full of life. Woke up later than usual, worked out, had a great breakfast, worked, took a little nap, had dinner, went to the movies, got home at 2am. I’m tired. I’m tired as I write this and my eyes hurt for staring at a computer, iphone screen every day of the week but, that’s ok. This is what it’s a ll about. Work hard, play harder, right?

Feliz Viernes!

Como les dije, esta semana iba a ser un poco loca. Abril ha sido un mes demasiado loco y la locura esta por terminarse. Estoy super atrasada en clases y como pueden ver, en el blog tambien. Aunque esta semana estuve un poco mala con el blog, estoy feliz de que pude publicar esto. Estoy super emocionada por eso, espero que les haya gustado 🙂

Pero bueno, como les iba diciendo… Estoy atrasada con trabajos de la universidad y tambien con trabajos del trabajo y tengo gripe pero ayer fue un dia lleno de vida. Me desperte un poco mas tarde de lo usual, hice ejercicio, desayune rico, trabaje, tome un mini nap, cene, fui al cine, llegue a la casa a las 2am. Estoy cansada. Estoy cansada ahora que escribo esto y mis ojos me arden de tanto ver una pantalla sea en la computadora o en mi cel pero, esta bien. De esto se trata. Trabaja duro, juega mucho mas duro, verdad?

Xo, Belen

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When do you feel the most alive?

Life: 3 Qualities for Success

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Ok. I apologize about this week’s crazy posting. Life posts are usually on Tuesdays but like I said here, this week was a little crazy, so I guess this week we have 2 “life” stories.

On Wednesday, I started classes again (I’m almoost done. yay!) and for the 1st class, my professor asked us what qualities we thought every entrepreneur or every professional should possess. Of course everyone said: intelligence, vision, drive, energy, etc. and then I think someone said, success can’t be taught, it’s in you.

Well, my professor then picked the 3 top qualities, he has seen prevail through-out his entire career and he numbered them like this:

1. Passion

2.Work Hard

3.Work Smart

“With passion comes persistence but you have nothing if you don’t work hard but it doesn’t matter if you work smart if you don’t work smart”  he said.  Genius. It’s actually real simple, yet no one in the class ever mentioned “work smart”. Funny thing is, passion can’t be taught and your work ethic can’t be taught either so when the guy in the class said: “success can’t be taught” he was almost right. The only thing that can be taught is: the process of working smart.

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Perdon que esta semana he estado un poco loca con las entradas en el post. Normalmente los Martes hago los posts sobre la vida pero supongo que esta semana como les dije que iba a estar un poco loca, habran 2 jaja.

El Miercoles comenze clases otra vez (ya casi termino woooho) y para el primer dia de clases, nuestro profesor nos pregunto que cualidades pensabamos que eran necesarias para que una persona triumfe en el mundo de los negocios. Obviamente que todo el mundo en la clase dijo cosas como: inteligencia, vision, motivacion, enerfia, etc. y alguien en la clase dijo que el triumfo en los negocios no se puede ensenar.

De ahi, el profesor escogio 3 cualidades que el ha visto que han funcionado mas durante toda su carrera profesional, y las numero asi:

1. Pasion

2. Trabajar duro

3. Trabajar inteligentemente/ estrategicamente.

Y luego dijo algo asi: “Con pasion viene la persistencia, pero no se logra nada si no se trabaja duro pero al trabajar duro no consigues nada si no trabajas inteligentemente.” En verdad parece super simple pero por alguna razon, nadie en la clase mencione la caracteristica #3. Entonces, cuando el chico en la clase dijo que el triumfo en los negocios no se puede ensenar, estuvo casi 100% correcto. Lo unico que se puede ensenar son las estrategias de como trabajas.

work, androbel, business, business talk, online shopping, online store, polka dots, black, tops,work, androbel, business, business talk, online shopping, online store, polka dots, black, tops,

Top: Here  Shorts: Sold out (similar)

What do you think is the key to success?

Cual crees que es la clave del exito?

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading 🙂

Xo, Belen