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Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend; I did 🙂 I had class Friday and Saturday so I’m a little tired but it was still fun! Some of my family came into town and tonight my cousin arrives, so this will be a crazy week too. I kind of like crazy. It keeps me moving. Keeps me focused.

Last Thursday, we attended a networking event and met some cool people from the Miami area. All very young and creative 🙂 I posted a picture on my instagram about a little painting that was gifted to me; that’s the kind of creative I’m talking about. Cardboard, paint and a brush. Pretty cool!  This is what I wore:


Holaa! Buenos Dias!

Espero que todos hayan tenido un buen fin de semana. Yo tuve clases el Viernes y Sabado pero igual fue super divertido aunque estoy un poco cansada hoy! Ayer llegaron mis tios a la casa y hoy viene mi prima entonces esta semana tambien sera un poco loca jajaja pero en verdad me gusta loca. Me hace organizarme mejor.

El Jueves, fuimos a un evento de networking y conocimos a gente muy creativa 🙂 En mi instagram puse una foto de un mini cuadro; carton, pintura y un pincel es lo unico que necesita alguna gente para ser super creativos. Super cool! Este fue mi look 🙂

DSC_0229 DSC_0233 DSC_0235DSC_0234 DSC_0236

How cool are the walls? They matched with my pants so, I just had to take pictures there!

Pants: here   Blouse: here  Sandals: Mom’s closet   Purse: Michael Kors

This button down is super comfy and I love the little tribal accents it has but, it’s a little sheer so I wear a nude tank top underneath 🙂

Xo, Belen

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Blogger Love: Olia Majd

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Hello Beauties!

I’ve been in a little rut this week with lots of things happening around me but it’s FRIDAY and I just couldn’t pass on this post because it means so much to me.

I stumbled upon Olia’s blog, Love, Olia a little while ago and I loved it immediately because of how happy she looked in her pictures! Of course, I also loved her style because it’s casual but very very cute and lady-like. She always incorporates elegance into her looks, which is something I adore.

Well, I started talking to her and I was really, really happy because she’s the nicest girl ever! Anyway, I haven’t met her in person but I’m sure she will be just as amazing.

I did a little interview just to get to know her a little better and this is what I found out!

 1. 3 words that define you?

Dedicated, Loving, Hard Working (okay, that’s two words 😉 )

2. . Do you have a full-time job? If so, how do you manage to blog at the same time

Yes, I have a full time job. Somehow I manage to blog at the same time! I’m not going to lie, its a LOT of work but I love blogging so much that I look at it as a release and enjoy putting in the hours aside from my day job.

3. Casual or lady-like?

I’m very much lady like!

4. Prints or textures?

Prints. I love fun prints and trying to wear them without it being too overbearing. Not enough women wear enough of them!

5. Where would you like to go, next?

I have a dream or hope that blogging will soon become my full time job. Lets cross out fingers!

 olia, loveolia, blogger, personalblog, fashionblog, fashion, california, androbel, bloggerlove

After thoughts: 

Loving and hardworking: yes! I can see that in every post. Also, crossing my fingers that blogging will end up being her full-time job… she deserves it!

You can keep up with her by checking out her blog, here and also like her facebook page 🙂

olia, loveolia, blogger, personalblog, fashionblog, fashion, california, androbel, bloggerlove

Hope you guys enjoy learning about people that inspire me 🙂

Have a great weekend and thank you thank you for passing by!


Ps. Use “OLIA” as coupon code at Androbel Boutique for 20% off

Blogger Love: Megan Elliot

lushtoblush, fashionblog, meganelliot, snow, blogger, miami, atlanta Hello There!

I’m excited to start this new series because I get to talk to some really cool people. I have a deep admiration for bloggers. Not only because they own their own business but because it takes a lot of time, effort and passion. I read blogs everyday and everyday I find new ones and I’m always just impressed at how much dedication and hard work goes into creating one. A good one. One that is genuine and personable. One that really tells you things for what they are and not because their are being sponsored.

I found Megan’s “Lush to Blush” because she commented on mine and loved it from day 1. I love the way she writes to her readers because you can tell she does it from the heart. I obviously love her style and overall I just love her easiness about life. Reading her blog everyday… makes me calm, makes me happy! So… I did a little interview to her and then she gave me her current favorite items from Androbel Boutique :) Enjoy!

1. What’s the 1st thing you do when you wake up? Check email and instagram! I’m obsessed.

2. Prints or Textures? Why? I think prints. They’re more fun to play with in my opinion!

3. Bright colors or subtle colors? Why? I LOVE neutrals. I like building my wardrobe with neutrals and then adding color with accessories.

4. Favorite thing to do on a day off: I love spending the day outside, maybe having a picnic, checking out the farmer’s market and of course, shopping!

5. 3 words that define you: This is tough. I would say: Sagittarius, Happy, Honest

meganelliot, lushtoblush, androbel, androbelboutique, blogger, shopping, onlineshopping

If you like them too, here are the links!  1.  Shorts  2. Wrap Blouse  3. Pants  4. Button Down  5. Dress

I really hope you enjoyed this post and remember you can use “LUSHTOBLUSH” as a coupon code on Androbel Boutique to get 20% off your purchase!

megan elliot, lushtoblush, fashion, blogger

Who’s your favorite Blogger? 

Xo, Belen

2 Things

You’ll be reading this on Saturday but I’m writing on Friday haha if I’m going to make this work I have to schedule myself a little bit although everything I write is real and current. Today I woke up at 7:32am and I normally leave my house at around 7:47 to make it to work on time. I managed to leave my house at 7:53. wooho! Well, I got to work at 8:27 (ahaha yea I’m crazy with my minute counting) so that’s good because I start at 8:30. 🙂 I wanted to comment on 2 things.
When you are running late do you just rush out the door or are there things you have to do? For me, it’s coffee; this morning I made it to the kitchen at around 7:45, I could have left and not be rushed but I needed my coffee. I can’t leave my house in the morning without my cup of delicious coffee. Make-up might seem like more of a necessity but coffee just makes or breaks me.

The second thing I wanted to touch on was the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. How excited are you? I can’t wait to see Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss. How do you feel about instagram and the show? I feel like I have already seen the show and even heard Taylor Swift sing. Social media is an amazing tool but here again I have an issue with it. Things that have always brought this immense feeling of anticipation are no longer the same. Fashion Weeks are not the same, and this VS Fashion Show is not the same. We wait so long for beautiful collections only to see it all through-out the media before it is even publicly released? Weird feeling, but still excited to see the sexiest girls doing their thing!


Fall is Finally Here

Good morning!
I woke up not too happy today because it’s a National Holiday and I’m at work :/… the good thing is I can blog and maybe get a little ahead on my homework, yay! How was your weekend? I had class Friday night and Saturday morning (this is what I wore to class) so it went by pretty fast but yesterday, was my chill day which means, I did nothing! haha had breakfast/lunch with my boyfriend, then watched “Arrow” (have you seen it? it’s pretty good) and then dropped him off at work and went home and watched Grey’s Anatomy hahaha. Ready for a productive week! 🙂

Buenos Dias, Buenos Dias!
Hoy es un dia feriado en USA pero no es obligatorio cerrar las oficinas entonces aqui estoy :/ lo bueno del caso es que puedo blog y avanzar un poco con mis tareas. WOOHO! Pero bueno, que tal su fin de semana? Yo tuve clases el Viernes de noche y el Sabado en la manana (esto fue lo que me puse para ir a clase) entonces se me paso super rapido pero ayer tuve el dia mas relax del mundo. Fui a desayunar/almorzar con mi guapo, vimos un episodio de “Arrow” (la han visto? esta super cool!) y de ahi regrese a mi casa y vi Grey’s Anatomy hasta quedarme dormida ajajajaj. Todo esto significa que estoy lista para una semana productiva 🙂

What I wore:
Top: Androbel
Pants: HUE (old) similar, similar
Purse: Michael Kors
Flip flops: Cole Haan
* Invest in good quality. I got these flip flops when I was a freshman in college… 4 years ago. They were $45 but they are the most comfortable thing and are still going strong! 

Social Media… My Death

Wooho we have made it to the end of the week. awesome! I initially had planned to do a “giveaway” post but I didn’t get time to take pictures since the light of the day ends so early now. I’ll keep that post for early next week! So, I wanted to dedicate this post to crazy social media. I must say, I’m not a fan of technology so keeping up with all of the social media outlets is very very overwhelming but it’s also fun, so here is a little recap of where I’m present at. First, I want to say everything started because of my dream to own a women’s online clothing boutique. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, check it out HERE (free shipping for orders $50+). Then one thing led to another and I started this blog 🙂 Then, everything kinda followed. I’m just another girl with a dream, trying to make it come true. Maybe you can join in my journey? 🙂
Es Viernes 🙂 Tenia planeado un post de un “giveaway” para hoy pero la luz del dia ya no dura tanto entonces no me dio tiempo para tomar las fotos pero si lo tendre para comienzos de la proxima semana! Pero bueno, queria hacer un post con las aplicaciones de social media que uso ya que son millones y en verdad ya no puedo mantenerme al dia con esta locura. Antes que nada queria decirles que todo esto comenzo por mi sueno de tener una tienda de ropa de mujeres; si no la conocen todavia, metanse AQUI y espero que les guste (free shipping para ordenes de $50+). Pero bueno, comencemos 🙂 Espero que me sigan en mi trayecto sonador <3.
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Ok, so that concludes my social media activity. Hopefully I’ll see some of you on it 🙂
Bueno, eso concluye mis actividades en el mundo cibernetico. Espero ver a algunas de ustedes por ahi 🙂
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Story 1

I was happily going through my instagram feed during my lunch break at work when all of the sudden the pictures stopped loading… umm, what?! Tap on it once, tap on it twice; nothing. Maybe I’m too far away from the router, I’ll see the pictures when I get back to my desk. Nope. Did not happen. I sat on my comfy chair to check my emails, nothing. I think I was afraid to mention it so I was relieved when my boss said “I think the internet is down”. What do we do now? Oh yea, let’s call At&T.
… After probably an hour on the phone (don’t you hate when you call about a specific situation and the bombard you with a thousand other non-relevant questions??) it was concluded that they had to fix something in their system and that we will probably get connectivity back tomorrow in the afternoon. WHAT?! We neeeeed internet, our jobs, our lives depend on it.
It got me thinking, it’s amazing how our world ends without the internet. It even amazes me more how people in the past lived and worked withoutthe internet. How was that possible? How did people know what to do? How did they expand their business? How did the world operate? I don’t know but right now I’m dying to go on the web and read more fashion blogs, pin some cool stuff and re-blog trendy things on Tumblr.
And here I am, instead of talking to my co-worker, I find myself writing this on a word document because in a world where no one sleeps because the internet doesn’t sleep, it is just easier to communicate in writing. Good? Bad? Honestly, at this point there can be no judgment… the future will decide.
PS. Shoot. There is no internet in the office, so how the hell am I going to email this to me so that I can post it on the blog???
… life’s and adventure, let’s find out!

Ps. Had to wait to come into the office today to be able to post this… hahaha