Awake that little heart of yours.

Hi there!

I should probably be writing my paper for my Organizational Behavior class that’s due this Thursday but… I have fallen in love with this whole blogging thing.
I feel frustrated because I have left everything for the last, last minute and when I’m frustrated I just can’t think. So, I’ll be up tomorrow at 5am to attempt to write that stupid paper.
If you follow me on Instragram (Click here) you already know that while I was on vacation in New Jersey, I picked up a book called “True Love”. Sounds corny, I know, but it really isn’t. When I bought it at Barnes & Noble I thought it was going to be this extraordinary love story (I love them!) but it turns out, it talked about life, the art of loving and living life.
When I read, I always carry a pen with me because I like to underline and sometimes take notes (I like learning 🙂 ).
This book is overall about love, So… every week , I’ll do a post about each chapter. It’s short, don’t worry!

Today, we will start with the four aspects of love.

– Loving- Kindness: The first aspect does not refer only to loving and making someone happy. It refers to loving and making someone happy realizing that you might make him/her suffer. Because to love is to suffer as to suffer is to love.

– Understanding: To understand is not only to listen to the person and “understand” what he/she is saying. It is to actually be there, be attentive, listen, take it in, deeply. In order to really understand someone, we must listen carefully and the only way to do so is by being there.

– Compassion: Compassion is not be feel sorry about someone, it is to help them ease their pain. In order to be able to ease someone’s pain, you must understand where the pain is coming from which goes back to the second aspect of love.

– Joy: Plain and simple. If there is no joy in your relationship, in your “love” there simply is no love.

– Freedom: In order for love to blossom, it must be free. When a person feels tied up, when there is no trust, no communication, there is no freedom. When there is no freedom, there is no true love… only lust.

All of these four aspects tie into each other because a relationship, whether it is with your brother, your lover, your mother or your friend, is made of different variables; each variable must be effective in order for a relationship to prosper. Above all, I think, respect is the number one thing. Without respect there is no kindness, no understanding because your heart closes, no compassion because you couldn’t care less, no joy because they have broken your heart and no freedom because your heart wants to love but your head is telling you otherwise.

Respect all, everyday, no exceptions. You can’t take back what comes out of your mouth, choose your words wisely.


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