Life: The Beautiful World

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It’s a shame when they say that it’s been done and said
They keep digging that grave let them bury their heads
There’s a kid with a dream and a sky full of stars
There’s another first kiss in the back of some car
Turn a page and write the story

Hello! It’s Tuesday, which means I post something that has to do with life. As you may know, I’m obsessed with Bon Jovi and I play his songs in my car everyday. His last cd has been in my car for about a year now and I’m not tired of it. The lyrics above are from the song ” Beautiful World”. When you listen to this song, your spirit lifts up; it’s amazing how a song can suddenly change your mood, huh?

androbel, me, personal, lyrics, bon jovi, love

Well, my reflection for today about the song: Everything has been thought impossible until it was achieved. Don’t get discouraged. Everyday is a new day, full of possibilities. Everyday a new kid is born, a kid with dreams. Don’t let adulthood take the kid out of you.

Xo, Belen

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Dream Big!

Happy Monday! 

I was up nice and early this morning just to get some things done before I have to go to work this afternoon… I currently have two jobs! yay 🙂 
Here are some pictures that are keeping me focused this week, or at least, today! 

Love, red velvet pointy shoes 🙂 

Make-up inspiration… simple eyes, bold lips!


What inspires you Monday mornings?!

 Have a Blossoming Day,

 Belen Baquerizo