Friday Pick-Me Up?

Don’t know if there is such a thing as a Friday pick-me up but here it is. This week has been a little weird, I’m sorry I didn’t post more stuff… I was feeling weird but it’s ok, I’m back!Everyone’s allowed a weird week every once in a while, right? 
So, what inspires you? 1st picture: Elegance, simplicity. 2nd picture: Beauty; who doesn’t want these flowers? 3rd picture: Passion; Chiara Ferragni has a lot of that. 4th picture: Life; You don’t know the meaning of a simple smile until you cry (for realz).
 Hola Hola! 
Perdon por estar un poco ausente esta semana, solo fue una semana un poco rara… pero ya esta todo bien! 
Termino la semana con estas fotitos que encontre y me encantan. 
Entonces, donde encuentran inspiracion? Foto1: Elegancia, simplicidad. Foto2: Belleza; quien no quieres flores asi? Foto 3: Pasion; Chiara Ferragni tiene muchisima pasion. Foto 4: La vida; No conoces el significado de una simple sonrisa hasta que lloras (de verdad). 
PS. Have a Beautiful Weekend! 
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It’s that day of the week! 

” 20 seconds of courage” this quote is from the movie “We bought a zoo” and I loved it when I heard the story behind it. The dad in the movie said that live was all about 20 seconds of courage, that was all we needed in order to make something happen, to change something. He used 20 seconds of courage to meet the love of his life. He told his son that those 20 seconds was all he needed to tell a girl he liked her. In this case, the 20 seconds of courage are used in a love setting but I figured out you can use them in any occasion. During this weekend, if there is something you are dying to do but are too shy or too afraid to do, remember… 20 seconds of courage can change your life! 

Have a Blossoming Day! 
Belen Baquerizo 

The Architect of Decay

“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” Harold Wilson 

Today is Quote Friday!
Take a second and reflect on this quote. It’s Friday and we are all overwhelmed; maybe your work week was not what you expected, maybe it’s 5pm and you want to run home but haven’t finished your to-do list, no matter what happens… remember to not let anything beat you, you are alive so live, work and enjoy!!

Have a Blossoming Weekend!!

Androbel Family

It’s Quote Friday!!

Happy Friday!

I hope you guys are liking our new weekly blog set-up! on Friday’s we are going to share a quote and reflect a little about it. We chose Friday as the quote day because it is the last day of the working week and I think it is important to take a second and think about the things that truly matter. We are an online boutique and somedays we might think of clothes as a synonym of world hunger not because it is in any shape or form the same thing but well, because it is our job, and things go wrong and it’s life and we get caught up in the complexity of it. Sooo, I think Friday is a good day to let it all go and simply, relax!

Last week I went to the movies with my family and watched the movie “Red Dawn”; although I liked the movie, there was one quote that stuck to my head. Maybe because I can relate to it, but I have been thinking about it all week. “We’ve all lost something.” In life, you are always going to lose, whether you like it or not. People start losing ever since they are babies yet, no one gets used to it. We lose a sports match, we lose a personal belonging, we get lost in the city, we lose our grandparents, we fail a test (losing), we lose a friend (fight), we lose our pets, we lose friends, we lose parents.

It does not matter how much we want something, how much we love something or someone, one day you have it, the next day, you dont. It’s pretty simple, but it is so hard to understand. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, losing is something humans are not capable of understanding, of accepting, we will never get used to it, it is just a matter of learning to live with it.

I’m starting to learn to live with my lost and I’m starting to smile more not to fake it until I make it but because I am finally making it 🙂

Have a Blossoming Friday!

Belen Baquerizo