Let’s Talk: Disconnected

Ha! I know, perfect picture 🙂 I found it on Pinterest haha.
I love this little series I have started; one of my best friends told me that writing is a good way to help yourself and I have come to absolutely love it! Thanks Ari 🙂

Well, I wanted to write about this feeling. Yesterday I was feeling a little weird because I miss that time in my life when everyone was friends with everyone and everyone hung out together. all the time. I miss it. I miss hanging out at home with my besties and then partying with them. I guess this is called, growing up? Maybe?
I like it, don’t get me wrong. I like the feeling of working hard and learning things day in and day out but we all went into different industries, we all went to lead different lives and its a little hard to keep up. Some of us are working, others are working and going to school so it is just plain difficult to plan something we can all commit to.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to cancel everything from my “after-work” agenda and I just sat in my sisters’ room and watched Grey’s Anatomy while she was doing homework. I didn’t see my friends but I texted with 2 of them and it felt great. It reminded me that friendship is not in the quantity but in the quality. So… you might not be interested at all in my personal life and I get that but, if you take away anything from this post is that: In all aspects of life, quality exceeds quantity. It’s very simple after all. 

Hope you enjoy these posts, have a great day!


Let’s Talk

Today we will talk about this because last Friday I had my first class of the semester and my professor asked this question: What are your goals and aspirations in life? Well, when I read the question, in my head I answered: Being happy. After that, I started thinking (why doesn’t my mind ever stop?!) and thought he actually meant, What are your goals and aspirations… when it comes to business? Why would I think he meant that? Maybe because I’m in business class? I don’t know.
Of course I was the first person to be called on and I answered: To be successful enough to be able to travel. Yes, this is true; the big reason why I have a 9-5 job while starting and building my own business on the side, while going to grad school, while trying to have a life is because I want to be able to accommodate my family and have enough left to travel and see different places… I don’t think there is greater compensation for hard work than travel. But, what I’m trying to get to is that my biggest goal and aspiration in life is to be happy and while being happy transmit that happiness to others; whether it is by saying Hi to them, or giving them fashion advice, or selling them a top from the store… anything counts. Everyone should be happy and that is my greatest intention.
So yeah, it bothered me that I chose my “business” answer over my “personal” answer but what bothered me the most was that almost everyone’s answer in the class referred to money. Their answers went something like this:

– “Money”
– “Make money” 
– “Be a Billionaire”

MMM What?! If I thought my answer was shallow, what are these? They are linking life straight with money; to them, Life = Money. Not cool.
Anyway, I don’t want to make this too long. My whole point is: Money can buy you lots of things, we all know this… but it won’t buy you a family, it won’t buy you real friends and it will never buy you happiness. Life cannot be linked with money because money can disappear with the simple touch of a button and then what? You want to die? Nope, nope, I’m thinking we are too young for that!
Whatever you do in life, do it well and do it with good intention. Find the subliminal message behind it; if you can’t find it… create it!

What do think about the answers in my class? How do you measure your success? What are your goals and aspirations in life?
Tell me! 

Music Monday

Good Morning!! 
Every Monday we should wake up with happy thoughts and full of energy. My sister recommended me this song and although it’s not my go-to kind music rhythm(something my bf would also like), I like it a lot. 
Some of my favorite lines are: 
*  Speed up, slow down, 
    And still the world will keep on spinning around 
*  Hold on let go 
    Either way we are all part of the show 
Point is, the world doesn’t stop because you stop, the world doesn’t cry because you cry. Pick up everything you have in your life and keep moving forward. 

Dance, Dance

“Dance with the one who Brung You”
As I try to create a culture around Androbel that doesn’t necessarily involve my entire personal live, I’m always looking for new things to talk about. As much as I try, I don’t think this blog will one day be 100% business just because I write it; my thoughts, my feelings, my taste and also because I’m Androbel’s owner therefore Androbel’s culture is created around my culture. 
Anyway, I’m reading this book called “The Last Lecture”, once I’m finished I will do a book review. During Christmas I was reading a little and this quote stuck with me…” Dance with the one who Brung You.”
What’s the meaning? Well, in my mind this quote goes hand in hand with respect and loyalty. Somehow I find myself thinking about respect a lot and I think it’s because each day I see less and less of it. We live in a world where everyone wants to succeed, everyone wants to be the best and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If I want to do something, I’ll make sure I’m the very best at it, or at least close to the best. I have always led my life that way, in high school, in college and now in my new adult life. It gets harder as you get older or at least for the first couple of years, we’ll see, but respect is something I have never left behind. Respect and loyalty is what makes us the persons, who we want to be. 
It’s a fun quote with a deep meaning. Remember you are only as good as your word. This quote is relevant to every kind of relationship, whether it’s with  family, friends, lovers, acquaintances or business partners. 
If you really do go dancing though, make sure you dance with a cute dress too! 🙂
This one is pretty cute, huh?

Find Here

Lights Out

In the darkest night I’ll
I’ll search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
I’ll give you everything
Baby love me lights out
Baby love me lights out
You can turn my light down

Came around this video last week. Really, really, love it.

Enjoy it.
Happy Monday!

Friday Pick-Me Up?

Don’t know if there is such a thing as a Friday pick-me up but here it is. This week has been a little weird, I’m sorry I didn’t post more stuff… I was feeling weird but it’s ok, I’m back!Everyone’s allowed a weird week every once in a while, right? 
So, what inspires you? 1st picture: Elegance, simplicity. 2nd picture: Beauty; who doesn’t want these flowers? 3rd picture: Passion; Chiara Ferragni has a lot of that. 4th picture: Life; You don’t know the meaning of a simple smile until you cry (for realz).
 Hola Hola! 
Perdon por estar un poco ausente esta semana, solo fue una semana un poco rara… pero ya esta todo bien! 
Termino la semana con estas fotitos que encontre y me encantan. 
Entonces, donde encuentran inspiracion? Foto1: Elegancia, simplicidad. Foto2: Belleza; quien no quieres flores asi? Foto 3: Pasion; Chiara Ferragni tiene muchisima pasion. Foto 4: La vida; No conoces el significado de una simple sonrisa hasta que lloras (de verdad). 
PS. Have a Beautiful Weekend! 
PS2: Check out my Instagram to see what costume I chose for Halloween 🙂