Who do you miss?

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So, I wanted to write about the 5 days I spent in Burlington.
3 friends went to visit 1 friend. I have always known we were different but during this trip, I realized how different we are. 4 friends all with different passions and interests. It’s funny how things work, right? When we are younger we are attracted to people we think are similar to us but, years go by and everything changes. Sometimes we don’t notice how everything has changed until we stop and take a look around.
During this trip, I was able to see that. I didn’t really do any work stuff. I was just enjoying my time. One of my friends is a teacher, the other one is a psychologist, the other one is an environmentalist and I’m a business person. We visited my friends’ school(the environmentalist) and it was so cool to see everything in real life. It’s amazing to me how people can have such a deep interest in the well being of the environment. I do care about the environment but I don’t surround my world around it. Maybe I should. I dont know. Anyway, it was amazing to see how we are all different but how we are all interested in each others’ stuff, even if they are not that interesting to us personally. I think that is what friendship is all about. We probably don’t understand in each other 100% when we talk about daily lives but we do connect in such an emotional level. It’s magical.
androbel, friends, friendship, love, true. personal

I encourage everyone to take a look at your lives today. What are you missing? But most importantly, Who are you missing? Do you miss the way things used to be? Do you miss talking to them? Being interested in the same things? Well, maybe things won’t ever be the same, same but true friendships never go to waste. My best friend lives in what we can call a “hippie” city. I read fashion blogs everyday. We grow but our hearts remain the same. Don’t ever let go of the people that shaped you, they are all you’ve got. The rest…comes and goes.

androbel, friends, friendship, love, true. personal

Maybe tonight I’ll have a drink in the name of friendship. You should too.
Xo, Belen


Life: What To Do When You Have Lost


Hello There!

So, I have been wanting to write a post like this for 2 weeks now. You probably don’t know this but, I’m a huge fan and lover of Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl. I was introduced to her instagram account I think a little over a year ago and I love the way she carries herself and the trust, passion and love she has for life and this world in general.

2 weeks ago, something terrible happened to her. Her best friend passed away from a car accident. Her whole world crumbled into pieces and she was lost (Of course I know this because of her updates on Instagram, I wish I was her real friend) she was angry at the world, she was angry at herself and she was even angry at her friend for not “letting her know”.  Reading her posts touched my heart because I could relate. Rachel said that it was thanks to Andrea (bff) that she is the person she is today, it was thanks to Andrea that she entered the world of adventure and uncertainty. They met when Rachel was 18 and had recently moved to Costa Rica and was lost; she didn’t know what she wanted to do, all she knew was she wanted a change, she wanted to be better and Andrea changed her world. Rachel moved to Aruba when she met a boy, Dennis and she said she “had a feeling” and so did Andrea so she packed her bags and off she went. Rachel is now 25 and still lives in Aruba with Dennis and they are getting married this year. Andrea was going to be the bridesmaid and then in a split second their lives changed forever.

2 years ago, I was in a similar position. I was 20 and I was lost. I was in college but I just wasn’t present. I really didn’t know what I wanted although I thought I did. That time of my life is a complete blur because I don’t remember most nights (too much partying) and because honestly I was hurting too much I don’t really want to remember. One night (yes, partying again) I happened to meet a guy. He was 22. He had a great smile. We were introduced by a common friend and we danced, danced. I left early because I had class the next morning but he asked for my phone number and said we would go for lunch the next day. Guys these days are not very trustworthy so I didn’t expect anything but just as I was leaving from class, he texted me. We had pizza. Anyway, this is not a love story but I wanted to tell you how we met. This guy changed my world completely. He taught what really matters, he taught me to smile, he taught me know my self-worth, he taught me to be restless, he taught me to live in the moment, he taught me to live. Whenever I needed something, he was there. No matter how late at night it was, he always answered. He was my guide, just as Andrea was Rachel’s guide. Well, you guessed it right. Destiny played its part and off he went. Just as Rachel was mad, I was also mad. Mainly at myself. He had taught me to show love and appreciation and I let days pass because I was “too tired” to text him (whatever that meant). Anyway, my guide left this Earth and it was an extremely sad time. It’s still sad.

Well, As I read Rachel posts, it took me back to that time and I posted something on his facebook wall and his sister answered:

“Ha saputo unire nazioni e continenti. Conosciamo persone in tutto il mondo grazie a lui, persone meravigliose sono entrate nella nostra vita grazie a questa persona meravigliosa. È tutto, e ci ha lasciato tutto. L’amore reciproco che ci ha lasciato e qualcosa di grandioso e potente.”

Which means: “He knew how to unite nations and continents. We know people all around the world thanks to him, marvelous people have entered our lives thanks to this marvelous person. He’s everything, and he has left us everything. The love he as left among us is something grand and powerful.”

Truth, truth, truth. so much wisdom in her words, it amazes me.

Rachel met a girl that changed her life, that shaped her life. I met a boy that did the same.  We never, never know how things are going to turn out, no matter how much planning we do. The truth is, life is already planned, planned by forces we cannot control.

The way I see it is, Andrea changed Rachels’ life and helped her be the person she was always meant to be. Andrea was always destined to leave this Earth faster than all of us because life is like that.  The great always leave us behind because we are slower at learning the gist of life. It took me 2 years to accept this and it’s still difficult but, when I talk to Luis, and when I spend more and more time with him and he tells me he loves me… all I can think of is, he loves the person Adriano (my friend) shaped. So, the way I see it is, I may have lost him physically but he is still here, he’s with me keeping me in line, he sent me Luis for me to never forget how wonderful life can be. This is more difficult to explain than I expected but what I’m trying to say is… maybe Rachel’s best friends gift to her was not the way she changed her life when she was 18 but, Dennis himself.

Ok. So my point its. What are we going to do? We have lost our guides, there will be times when we feel alone, when we feel life could be better but we have to remember life is still wonderful. Our beautiful friends left us a beautiful gift even if they didn’t know they were doing so. So, what’s my point you ask? Give back. Live Life with intention. Every single day. Take it all in, breathe it in and then let go. Easier said than done, I know but practice is all we need.

Well, I hope I didn’t bore anyone. Sorry for this being too long.

I wish everyone meets that 1 person that completely changes your life and I hope you all remember to live life if destiny gives you a punch in the back.

Xo, Belen

Let’s Talk: Il Amore

I don’t know what’s happened to my sleeping habits but lately I just get around 5 hours of sleep every night. It can get a little exhausting but it’s ok because I like everything that I do.
Today, I walked into the office like a zombie and thought “shoot. I have nothing to post on the blog” . When this happens, I like to do “Personal” blog posts like: Let’s Talk so I’m thinking, what do I want to say? What frustrations do I have at the moment? What do I want to change? and NOTHING came. Weird.
Well, I can talk about something positive.
A while back I read an article about happy couples and it put a smile on my face because it was right on point.
Relationships are difficult for everyone. Relationships are difficult and it doesn’t have to be the relationship with your lover, it can be any relationship. Listening, accepting, forgiving are part of the process and those 3 things, I find really tough to master. Today though, we will talk about the lover kind of relationship.
I have a feeling people get too used to their relationships. Too comfortable in them that they become b.o.r.i.n.g. We don’t want that. I don’t want that. ever.
There has to be something, long-term couples are masters at because I find that sometimes that feeling of “love” is not enough. Love is amazing but its work. Words and Actions are our biggest weapons, meaning, saying “I love you” is cute but, not kissing them goodnight does not act out those words.
So, here are the most important things I found on this article:

  •  Walk hand in hand or side by side
    Rather than one partner lagging or dragging behind the other, happy couples walk comfortably hand in hand or side by side. They know it’s more important to be with their partner than to see the sights along the way.
  • Focus more on what your partner does right than what he or she does wrong
    If you look for things your partner does wrong, you can always find something. If you look for what he or she does right, you can always find something, too. It all depends on what you want to look for. Happy couples accentuate the positive.
  •  Hug each other as soon as you see each other after work
    Our skin has a memory of “good touch” (loved), “bad touch” (abused) and “no touch” (neglected). Couples who say hello with a hug keep their skin bathed in the “good touch,” which can inoculate your spirit against anonymity in the world.
  •  Say “I love you” and “Have a good day” every morning
    This is a great way to buy some patience and tolerance as each partner sets out each day to battle traffic jams, long lines and other annoyances.
  • Say “Good night” every night, regardless of how you feel
    This tells your partner that, regardless of how upset you are with him or her, you still want to be in the relationship. It says that what you and your partner have is bigger than any single upsetting incident.
*** Read more here ***
I’m not saying I’m a master at love but it makes me happy that Luis and I do this list without really thinking about it 🙂 

Hope this helps any of you having difficulties and for those who are thriving at love… keep on keepin’ on



Hi There! 
This is what happened this weekend. I had a great week and an awesome weekend. Lots of work, lots of bff time, lovely boyfriend times and family road trip. 
This morning I realized yesterday was Bon Jovi’s birthday and then I realized its been 11 years since my family and I moved to the United States. Great way to start the week, don’t you think? Bon Jovi might as well be my true love and coming to USA might have been my family’s greatest decision. 
Ready for this week!
Este fin de semana hice bastante. Tuve una buena semana y tambien un buen fin de semana. Pase tiempo con mis mejores amigas, con mi novio y con mi familia aunque tambien trabaje un poco. 
Esta manana me di cuenta que ayer fue el cumplenos de Bon Jovi y tambien que acabamos de cumplir 11 anios viviendo en Estados Unidos. Buen inicio a la semana, no creen? Bon Jovi puede que sea el amor de mi vida y venir a USA puede que haya sido la mejor decision que mi familia haya hecho. 
Lista para esta semana! 

With my new friend from Jacked Fashion 🙂
Thank you for those who came to Dream South Beach for some fun!
Knit Sweater: here    Jeans:here


Do you live in South Florida? If so, join us this Sunday at Wood Tavern (a very cool bar) for drinks, food and lots of art and shopping! 
Viven en el Sur de la Florida? Si si, vengan con nosotros este Domingo a Wood Tavern (un bar super cool!) y disfruten de tragos, comida, arte y shopping! 
Can’t wait 🙂 

Personal: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little brother! 
By being older than him I feel responsible for him and his well being but the truth is he is way smarter, much more compassionate, more loving, more understanding and dedicated. 
Happy Birthday to you and thank you for pushing me… always! 
Love, love, love you! 
Feliz cumpleanos a mi hermanito! 
Siendo su hermana mayor siento responsabilidad sobre su bien estar pero la verdad es que el es muchisimo mas inteligente que yo, mas dedicado, mas compasionado y mas amoroso. 
Feliz Cumpleanos y gracias por siempre empujarme a ser mejor!