Life: The Beautiful World

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It’s a shame when they say that it’s been done and said
They keep digging that grave let them bury their heads
There’s a kid with a dream and a sky full of stars
There’s another first kiss in the back of some car
Turn a page and write the story

Hello! It’s Tuesday, which means I post something that has to do with life. As you may know, I’m obsessed with Bon Jovi and I play his songs in my car everyday. His last cd has been in my car for about a year now and I’m not tired of it. The lyrics above are from the song ” Beautiful World”. When you listen to this song, your spirit lifts up; it’s amazing how a song can suddenly change your mood, huh?

androbel, me, personal, lyrics, bon jovi, love

Well, my reflection for today about the song: Everything has been thought impossible until it was achieved. Don’t get discouraged. Everyday is a new day, full of possibilities. Everyday a new kid is born, a kid with dreams. Don’t let adulthood take the kid out of you.

Xo, Belen

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Life: Music

So, I haven’t done a music post in a while. I’m really trying to get into the rhythm of things and from now one, every Tuesday you will be able to able a “Life” post which means I will be posting beauty, health, fitness, friendships, relationships… anything and everything human! Today though, it’s a music post.
I will not lead you to think I’m some kind of a musician because I’m not. I love music, I think it makes life that much better and it can also be therapeutic but, I have never been one to go looking for new songs. Bon Jovi is my love, always has been always will be. But, I will not bore everyone with my love stories (my bf is already jealous of him, haha) and so, I ask my sister for some advise. Maybe someday she’ll get into this blogger world and help me out writing music posts, but it’s just me for now 🙂
Anyway! Here is a song I loved. Hope you do so as well.
No he hecho una entrada en el post de musica desde hace mucho tiempo. Estoy tratando de mantener cierto ritmo con el blog y por eso de ahora en adelante todos los Martes podran encontrar posts sobre la vida! Osea, posts de belleza, salud, ejercicios, amistad, relaciones… de todo lo que tenga que ver con ser humanos! Pero hoy, es sobre la musica.
En verdad no quiero hacerles pensar que soy una super amante de la musica. Me gusta la musica, me parece que hace la vida mucho mas feliz y tambien puede ser terapeutica pero nunca he sido de las que busca canciones. Soy una amante de Bon Jovi, es mi amor y siempre lo sera pero si solo hablo de el cre que esto se pusiera demasiado aburrido para ustedes. Mi hermana sin embargo, le encanta la musica. Espero que algun dia ella sea la escriba estos posts pero por ahora… solo soy yo 🙂
Bueno! Espero que les guste esta cancion, es super linda.
*** Well I’ll be your rainy day lover. Whenever the sunny days end.
And whatever the weather, we have each other.
And that’s how the story will end. ***
So cute! 

Ps. New song on the store as well. Check it here

Lights Out

In the darkest night I’ll
I’ll search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
I’ll give you everything
Baby love me lights out
Baby love me lights out
You can turn my light down

Came around this video last week. Really, really, love it.

Enjoy it.
Happy Monday!

The sweet joy of nothing

Earlier this week my sister showed me this song before going to bed. I’m not huge on music, I mean, I’ll listen to a song and like it but then I’ll forget about the name or the artist… sorry! But, my sister is the complete opposite and I wanted to share this song because I loved loved the melody and the way it made me feel.

Waking up with the pouring rain
Same old sun and the sky again
Calling the doves and fighter planes
Sharing the sky like it’s nothing strange
Falling silhouette on an evening sky
A morning greedy of babies’ cry
And the same lonely night lullabies
The joy of nothing is a sweeter something
And I will hold it in my heart
I will hold it in my heart.

Although it can appear to be a sad song I feel it’s to complete opposite. to find joy in “nothing” is the sweetest thing in life.

I hope you find it and hold it in your heart.