Who do you miss?

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So, I wanted to write about the 5 days I spent in Burlington.
3 friends went to visit 1 friend. I have always known we were different but during this trip, I realized how different we are. 4 friends all with different passions and interests. It’s funny how things work, right? When we are younger we are attracted to people we think are similar to us but, years go by and everything changes. Sometimes we don’t notice how everything has changed until we stop and take a look around.
During this trip, I was able to see that. I didn’t really do any work stuff. I was just enjoying my time. One of my friends is a teacher, the other one is a psychologist, the other one is an environmentalist and I’m a business person. We visited my friends’ school(the environmentalist) and it was so cool to see everything in real life. It’s amazing to me how people can have such a deep interest in the well being of the environment. I do care about the environment but I don’t surround my world around it. Maybe I should. I dont know. Anyway, it was amazing to see how we are all different but how we are all interested in each others’ stuff, even if they are not that interesting to us personally. I think that is what friendship is all about. We probably don’t understand in each other 100% when we talk about daily lives but we do connect in such an emotional level. It’s magical.
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I encourage everyone to take a look at your lives today. What are you missing? But most importantly, Who are you missing? Do you miss the way things used to be? Do you miss talking to them? Being interested in the same things? Well, maybe things won’t ever be the same, same but true friendships never go to waste. My best friend lives in what we can call a “hippie” city. I read fashion blogs everyday. We grow but our hearts remain the same. Don’t ever let go of the people that shaped you, they are all you’ve got. The rest…comes and goes.

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Maybe tonight I’ll have a drink in the name of friendship. You should too.
Xo, Belen


Life: The Beautiful World

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It’s a shame when they say that it’s been done and said
They keep digging that grave let them bury their heads
There’s a kid with a dream and a sky full of stars
There’s another first kiss in the back of some car
Turn a page and write the story

Hello! It’s Tuesday, which means I post something that has to do with life. As you may know, I’m obsessed with Bon Jovi and I play his songs in my car everyday. His last cd has been in my car for about a year now and I’m not tired of it. The lyrics above are from the song ” Beautiful World”. When you listen to this song, your spirit lifts up; it’s amazing how a song can suddenly change your mood, huh?

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Well, my reflection for today about the song: Everything has been thought impossible until it was achieved. Don’t get discouraged. Everyday is a new day, full of possibilities. Everyday a new kid is born, a kid with dreams. Don’t let adulthood take the kid out of you.

Xo, Belen

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About the 9-5

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Hello little girls! How are you today?

It’s monday and this week marks my last day at my 9-5 job. wooho!! I’m happy, I’m about to start a new part of my life or maybe I’m just finally doing what I should have done from the beginning. In December, I will be done with my MBA (hopefully) and all this time I have been working full time plus trying to start and grow my own business. Yes, I’ve kind of been killing myself. I have this thought in my mind that goes something like this ” I’m 22, I’m young, I can do it all. I don’t have any real responsibilities, I can go nights without sleeping. I can do it all.” mmmm not true. after a year and some months, I have finally accepted the fact that there is no point in doing it all if you are doing them half way or maybe doing them but not really taking it in and learning along the way. Wednesday is my last day at work and I can’t wait to finally have time to be a real student and a real business owner.

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Hola Hola!! como estan??

Es lunes, y esta semana marca mi ultimo dia en mi trabajo. woohoo!! Estoy feliz, estoy apunto de comenzar otra etapa de mi vida, o quizas estoy finalmente haciendo lo que tuve que haber hecho desde el principio. Como ustedes saben, estoy por terminar mi Master y la verdad es que me estaba volviendo loca. Estudiando tiempo completo, trabajando tiempo completo y tratar de crecer mi negocio, la verdad es que es mucho. Tengo un pensamiento en mi cabeza que va algo asi: “Tengo 22 anios, soy joven, no tengo responsabilidades de verdad, no estoy cansada, lo puedo todo.” La verdad del asunto es que, quizas si lo pueda con todo, y quizas si sea joven pero no le veo al punto a tratar de hacerlo todo sin hacerlo bien o quizas hacerlo todo y no aprender en el camino. Entonces si! finalmente pude vencer ese pensamiento que tenia en mi cabeza y sere una estudiante nuevamente :).

androbel, fashion, outfit, business, business talk, fashion blogger, miami, small business androbel, fashion, outfit, business, business talk, fashion blogger, miami, small business

Pants: J.Crew Blouse: Calvin Klein Necklace: Francesca’s

Do you have any plans this week?

Que planes tienen esta semana?

Xo, Belen

Life: This is It

20140502-084100.jpgHappy Friday!

I said this week was going to be crazy. April has been a crazy month and it’s about to come to an end. I’m all backed up in my classes and as you can see on the blog as well. I was happy though I was able to get this post on the blog this week. I hope you guys enjoyed it 🙂

Anyway, as I was saying… I’m all backed up in school work and regular work and I have a cold but yesterday was a day full of life. Woke up later than usual, worked out, had a great breakfast, worked, took a little nap, had dinner, went to the movies, got home at 2am. I’m tired. I’m tired as I write this and my eyes hurt for staring at a computer, iphone screen every day of the week but, that’s ok. This is what it’s a ll about. Work hard, play harder, right?

Feliz Viernes!

Como les dije, esta semana iba a ser un poco loca. Abril ha sido un mes demasiado loco y la locura esta por terminarse. Estoy super atrasada en clases y como pueden ver, en el blog tambien. Aunque esta semana estuve un poco mala con el blog, estoy feliz de que pude publicar esto. Estoy super emocionada por eso, espero que les haya gustado 🙂

Pero bueno, como les iba diciendo… Estoy atrasada con trabajos de la universidad y tambien con trabajos del trabajo y tengo gripe pero ayer fue un dia lleno de vida. Me desperte un poco mas tarde de lo usual, hice ejercicio, desayune rico, trabaje, tome un mini nap, cene, fui al cine, llegue a la casa a las 2am. Estoy cansada. Estoy cansada ahora que escribo esto y mis ojos me arden de tanto ver una pantalla sea en la computadora o en mi cel pero, esta bien. De esto se trata. Trabaja duro, juega mucho mas duro, verdad?

Xo, Belen

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When do you feel the most alive?

After All… <3

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I don’t even know how to begin this post. A lot has happened since I graduated college in 2012. Things I would have never imagine could happen. Things that have made me so, so, so, SO incredibly angry at times and so incredibly sad at others because there is no greater disappointment than realizing that a person is exactly everything you knew he/she was but never really wanted to see it because you actually loved that person. I don’t think our lives are ever going to be the same and although that hurts, I’m starting to think and believe we are and will always be at a better place in our hearts.

birthday, dad, daddy, daddysgirl, happy birthday, fashion blogger, miami, Anyway, this is not supposed to be a sad post… it’s my daddy’s BIRTHDAY! This post is to show how happy I am to have my dad. I don’t often show my affection, my love nor my appreciation for him but it’s there, it has always been there. Now, more than ever, I know there is no greater person to have as an example to guide me through life. Through all the frustrations, stress, anger, sadness and disappointment, he never failed as a dad or a husband to my mom. There is just simply no better example of never giving up no matter how fast your world seems to be crumbling down. No better example of a pure, sincere heart.

Happy Birthday papi, I know you secretly stalk me… so, here you go!

birthday, dad, daddy, daddysgirl, happy birthday, fashion blogger, miami,

Ps. Mojito’s tonight after class ❤

Ps.2: Perdon para los que hablan espanol, cuando se trata de cosas asi, soy mejor expresandome en ingles :/ Igual, gracias por pasar por aqui. Hoy es el cumpleanos de mi papi 🙂


Life: Book Review- The Stranger

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Hi Girlies, It’s Friday. I was supposed to do this post on Tuesday but couldn’t get to it. As some of you know (from my Instagram account)I have been reading “The Stranger” and I’m finally done!! YAY!

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book because it was an easy read and also because it was interesting to read about a person who just did not give a crap about anything. Anything.

I don’t want to go over the entire book because I would ruin it for those of you that want to read it so, I will just post 2 of my favorite quotations(which all came by the end of the book, actually) and then I will go over a little about what I think the meaning of the book is.

1. “Come now, is my client on trial for burying his mother or for killing a man?”

“I accuse this man of burying his mother with crime in his heart!”

So, yes, this book is about a man and a crime. These quotations got my attention because it was at this point that I started realizing the meaning of the book. One goes around committing acts everyday. Sometimes we do good things, sometimes we do bad ones but we never really pay attention at how coordinated and related these actions are. Here we have a man that lost his mom and did not even shed a tear, who then went on and killed a man just for the sake of it. From my point of view, this man had lost all types of emotions and did not have a care in the world or for the world. His mom dying and him killing a man are two separate actions but they both tie in together when he heads to court. Lesson: Nothing in this world goes unnoticed even if sometimes we feel it does. It is always there and in the end, our past can come back to hunt us.

2. “…All the familiar sounds of a town I loved and of a certain time of day when I used to feel happy…What awaited me back then was always a night of easy, dreamless sleep. And yet something had changed, since it was back to my cell that I went to wait for the next day…as if familiar paths traced in summer skies could lead as easily to prison as to the sleep of the innocent.”

I was drawn to this quotation because it made me sad. I think, it was the only paragraph where the main character showed some sort of feelings and vulnerability. I thought it was important because we all have comfort zones and we all have our favorite songs, places, books, people and times of the day. Those little things are what we look forward to and what really makes us happy but they are also the things that remind us of happier times. Although some things might take us back to other times, other feelings and other states of mind and emotion, I feel that we should never let go of them because when there is nothing left, memories can save us and lift us up.

book, the stranger, good read, reading, book review, boutique blog, albert camus, quotes, life

The end of the book is definitely my favorite part because it’s when you start really understanding the meaning of it all and all of the characters actions. In the beginning, the book is just like a story that you can’t really figure out why the author thought of writing it. When I finished the book, I kept thinking about the meaning and came up with:

“This book is about the lack of emotion and sensitivity of the people. People go around the world doing what benefits them and some times they just act for acting without really thinking about anyone else, not even themselves. I thought this book was about the carelessness of people in the world.”

But then, I talked to my brother, the one that told me to read this book and he told me the meaning is that nothing in this world matters. That whatever we do, we are all going to die one day and there is no reason to waste time and energy on things that will sooner or later happen. We are going to die, some die at 20, some die at 70. Some die of sickness, others are on the death penalty. Death is death, we are all going to the same place. Interesting.

Well, I agree with both his and my thoughts. Have you read the book? What do you think the purpose of the story is?

I totally recommend this book is you are looking for a good read!

Thank you for reading these posts, reading your comments make my day. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Xo, Belen

Life: What To Do When You Have Lost


Hello There!

So, I have been wanting to write a post like this for 2 weeks now. You probably don’t know this but, I’m a huge fan and lover of Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl. I was introduced to her instagram account I think a little over a year ago and I love the way she carries herself and the trust, passion and love she has for life and this world in general.

2 weeks ago, something terrible happened to her. Her best friend passed away from a car accident. Her whole world crumbled into pieces and she was lost (Of course I know this because of her updates on Instagram, I wish I was her real friend) she was angry at the world, she was angry at herself and she was even angry at her friend for not “letting her know”.  Reading her posts touched my heart because I could relate. Rachel said that it was thanks to Andrea (bff) that she is the person she is today, it was thanks to Andrea that she entered the world of adventure and uncertainty. They met when Rachel was 18 and had recently moved to Costa Rica and was lost; she didn’t know what she wanted to do, all she knew was she wanted a change, she wanted to be better and Andrea changed her world. Rachel moved to Aruba when she met a boy, Dennis and she said she “had a feeling” and so did Andrea so she packed her bags and off she went. Rachel is now 25 and still lives in Aruba with Dennis and they are getting married this year. Andrea was going to be the bridesmaid and then in a split second their lives changed forever.

2 years ago, I was in a similar position. I was 20 and I was lost. I was in college but I just wasn’t present. I really didn’t know what I wanted although I thought I did. That time of my life is a complete blur because I don’t remember most nights (too much partying) and because honestly I was hurting too much I don’t really want to remember. One night (yes, partying again) I happened to meet a guy. He was 22. He had a great smile. We were introduced by a common friend and we danced, danced. I left early because I had class the next morning but he asked for my phone number and said we would go for lunch the next day. Guys these days are not very trustworthy so I didn’t expect anything but just as I was leaving from class, he texted me. We had pizza. Anyway, this is not a love story but I wanted to tell you how we met. This guy changed my world completely. He taught what really matters, he taught me to smile, he taught me know my self-worth, he taught me to be restless, he taught me to live in the moment, he taught me to live. Whenever I needed something, he was there. No matter how late at night it was, he always answered. He was my guide, just as Andrea was Rachel’s guide. Well, you guessed it right. Destiny played its part and off he went. Just as Rachel was mad, I was also mad. Mainly at myself. He had taught me to show love and appreciation and I let days pass because I was “too tired” to text him (whatever that meant). Anyway, my guide left this Earth and it was an extremely sad time. It’s still sad.

Well, As I read Rachel posts, it took me back to that time and I posted something on his facebook wall and his sister answered:

“Ha saputo unire nazioni e continenti. Conosciamo persone in tutto il mondo grazie a lui, persone meravigliose sono entrate nella nostra vita grazie a questa persona meravigliosa. È tutto, e ci ha lasciato tutto. L’amore reciproco che ci ha lasciato e qualcosa di grandioso e potente.”

Which means: “He knew how to unite nations and continents. We know people all around the world thanks to him, marvelous people have entered our lives thanks to this marvelous person. He’s everything, and he has left us everything. The love he as left among us is something grand and powerful.”

Truth, truth, truth. so much wisdom in her words, it amazes me.

Rachel met a girl that changed her life, that shaped her life. I met a boy that did the same.  We never, never know how things are going to turn out, no matter how much planning we do. The truth is, life is already planned, planned by forces we cannot control.

The way I see it is, Andrea changed Rachels’ life and helped her be the person she was always meant to be. Andrea was always destined to leave this Earth faster than all of us because life is like that.  The great always leave us behind because we are slower at learning the gist of life. It took me 2 years to accept this and it’s still difficult but, when I talk to Luis, and when I spend more and more time with him and he tells me he loves me… all I can think of is, he loves the person Adriano (my friend) shaped. So, the way I see it is, I may have lost him physically but he is still here, he’s with me keeping me in line, he sent me Luis for me to never forget how wonderful life can be. This is more difficult to explain than I expected but what I’m trying to say is… maybe Rachel’s best friends gift to her was not the way she changed her life when she was 18 but, Dennis himself.

Ok. So my point its. What are we going to do? We have lost our guides, there will be times when we feel alone, when we feel life could be better but we have to remember life is still wonderful. Our beautiful friends left us a beautiful gift even if they didn’t know they were doing so. So, what’s my point you ask? Give back. Live Life with intention. Every single day. Take it all in, breathe it in and then let go. Easier said than done, I know but practice is all we need.

Well, I hope I didn’t bore anyone. Sorry for this being too long.

I wish everyone meets that 1 person that completely changes your life and I hope you all remember to live life if destiny gives you a punch in the back.

Xo, Belen