Woman Crush: Alexa Chung

I don’t think I’ve done a girl crush post in a while, I think I used to call them “Style Icon” posts but I think: “Girl Crush” is more of a true statement. This girl, or well, woman, has been my girl crush for a while now. The way she dresses is amazing, she takes any piece of clothing and makes it stylish. Maybe it’s because she’s tall or maybe because she never overdoes her makeup, or maybe because her hair looks so natural. I don’t know the reason behind her awesomeness but she can take a top as simple as a v-neck and make it fashionable. The other reason why I love her? she made flats be fashionable again! Who wants to walk in heels aaaaall the time? Not me, and clearly not her. 

Creo que ha pasado un buen tiempo desde que hice una entrada sobre mi “crush” antes llamaba este tipo de posts, Iconos de Moda pero la verdad es que creo que “Girl Crush” es mas apropiado. Alexa Chung me ha encantado desde hace mucho tiempo; es que no se como lo hace pero todo lo que se pone le queda increible, quizas es porque es alta, o porque nunca usa muchisimo maquillaje o por el pelo que lleva siempre que le da un look “natural”. No se cual sea su secreto pero lo que si es verdad es que hasta la camiseta mas simple, la sabe vestir. Otra razon para que me guste tanto? Hizo el retorno de los flats! Quien quiere caminar en tacones todo el dia para verse elegante? Obviamente no yo, y claramente ella tampoco :). 

As far as her personality, I’ve heard she’s not your typical “oh, I’m so nice” kinda girl, after all she’s British. I don’t know her but I think I’m ok with a girl being a little tough if she dresses like her. We all need a little roughness to get through life, so good for her! 


Style Icon


I was a little hesitant about this one today but my sister worked her way into making me choose Kylie Jenner as our style icon today and I have to admit, I’m loving it. We are taking Kylie’s cool, hip, edgy style and transforming it into Androbel 🙂
As always, we just don’t pick to pick. We carefully read over our style icon to make sure that they deserve this spot and yes, Kylie Jenner exceeded my expectations!

Here are 3 things, aside from her style that caught our attention:

– She was first featured in Paper Magazine’s “Beautiful People” article with her older sister Kendall Jenner.
-Kylie (as long as her sister) were honored with Hollywood Style Awards “Most Stylish Sisters”
– West Coast Fashion Contributor for Seventeen Magazine.

It was really fun to wear lots of eye make-up and dress edgy. I never really wear clothes in this way but my sister does so she let me borrow her combar boots! Take a look 🙂 


Do I look as tough as Kylie? 

camera shy 

Leggings (I’m wearing size S) On sale!
Blanket Sweater (I’m wearing size S) On sale!
V-neck (I’m wearing size M)

I hope you enjoyed this, we had a lot of fun!

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Style Icon!

It’s that time of the week! Our Style Icon is…


So, why do we love her? 

– She loves her two daughters 
– She is active in charity- Habitat for Humanity, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Project HOME, to name a few.  
– Founder of the Honest Company- An eco friendly company that helps moms give their children the best they can get. not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable – everyone should have it. We believed every baby deserved the best we can create for them.” 

But, ok, you caught us, we also LOVE her because of her casual style 🙂 
Click here for this top!

Click here for these skinnies!

I hope you guys like our style icon today, we  think she is amazing! 

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo 

Style Icon!


Kourtney Kardashian has always been my favorite sister. I love her crazy personality and her style. She is always looking comfortable and simple while incorporating fashion into her every day style. I think when it comes to fashion, one does not have to be over the top, it its all about simplicity and being comfortable. 
Having that said, here are some pictures of Kourtney’s style and some pieces that I think she would wear from my boutique 🙂 
To find: 
 Tribal pants click Here
Basic V-neck top click Here

Also, Kourtney recently wore a high/low tan dress to dinner and I couldn’t help but think about our high/low mini dress! Here it is…  Mini dress

I hope you like our style icon today, we sure do! 
Have a Blossoming Day! 

Belen Baquerizo 

Studs, Cushions, Chains… Minkoff!


So, I have been following Rebecca Minkoff on twitter and instagram for quite a while but I had never really read her story or anything like that. The other day I took the time and read a little about her and her business and totally loved her. I love to look for people that start from the bottom and somehow make it to the top. Rebecca started her business with her brother in 2005 with only handbags and since then she has grown worldwide. She recently opened her first boutique in Tokyo! 
At first, I thought her style was too edgy for me but after checking out her website and her clothing I have to say she is probably my favorite designer. I love the simplicity, the colors, the elegance and the sexiness. Her styles are never too feminine which reflects her love for independence. 
I looked at several youtube videos just to get more familiarized with the designer and my favorite part about one of he interviews was when she said that she has no specific mantra in her life, only to try to be a good person and to stay down-to-earth. Love her or what? 
I could see Rebecca wearing this following items from our boutique: 
Metallic Blazer
Get it Here!

Sliver Boot Jeans… Click here!

What do you think? 

Have a Blossoming Day! 

Belen Baquerizo 

And the Style Icon is…


So, I think I have previously posted things about this girl… some may think that she got everything handed to her because of her reality shows and in a way I’m sure it did help but Lauren Conrad knows how to do business which is why I like her so much. I follow her everywhere (literally…twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.) so that I’m up to date with what she is doing and see what she is wearing! 

All of our Style Icon posts will be a little different, just to keep things fun! Today, since it is our first post I will be sharing with you 3 facts about Lauren Conrad.

1. Born and raised in Laguna Beach, California
2. Fashion designer- Paper Crown & LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s 
3. She likes to pair high and low prices when creating an outfit

What I love the most about Lauren’s style? 
The fact that she is never too made up, and does not use excessive jewelry to make a fashion statement. 

Here are two pictures that resemble Lauren’s style (cute and sophisticated)  and we paired them with similar styles from Androbel. 

A cute coral laced sundress

Beige peter pan collar blouse

I really hope you liked our post,

Have a Blossoming Day! 

Belen Baquerizo