A Day in Androbel: Stones & Energies

jewerly, moon stone, amethyst, precious, stones, energy, positive energy, spiritual, gems, handmade, ecuador, handmade in ecuador, miami, miami fashion, fashion blogHello!

Yes!! I have finally been able to finish these pictures and descriptions for the store that I mentioned on this post, and I’m so happy about it!

I picked this necklace to show on the blog today because as I fell in love with the meaning of the stones.

First, the Moon Stone. Famous for reflecting our internal being. The color and luminosity of the stone changes depending on our emotional state. When around positivism the stone reflects a blue or violet color but when entering a negative place or mood it turns towards grayish colors. This stone is perfect to detect the kind of mood you are in, the type of people you surround yourself with and the places you are entering.

Then comes the Amethyst. A magical stone that destroys negative energy and transmits positive energy and security within us. It’s a stone that reflects pure,unconditional love, peace and lifts up the spirit.

jewerly, moon stone, amethyst, precious, stones, energy, positive energy, spiritual, gems, handmade, ecuador, handmade in ecuador, miami, miami fashion, fashion blogHola!

Finalmente he terminado de arreglar estas fotitos que mencione en esta entrada pasada y estoy super feliz!!

Escogi este collar para esta entrada porque cuando estaba leyendo sobre las piedras y sus significados, me engancho!

Primero, la Piedra Lunar. Famosa por reflejar nuestro ser interno. Tiene la facultad de cambiar la intensidad del color y su luminosidad dependiendo de nuestro estado de animo. Cuando estamos alrededor de un ambiente positivo, la piedra es de color azul o violeta. Cuando entramos en un ambiente negativo, la piedra se convierte en colores grises. Esta piedra es perfecta para detectar que animo tienes, en que situacion te encuentras y con que tipo de personas frequentas.

Segundo, Amatista. Una piedra realmente magica ya que es capaz de eliminar energias negativas y transmite buenas energias y seguridad. Es una piedra que refleja amo puro e incondicional, paz y levanta el espiritu.

jewerly, moon stone, amethyst, precious, stones, energy, positive energy, spiritual, gems, handmade, ecuador, handmade in ecuador, miami, miami fashion, fashion blog

This necklace is definitely an investment piece, I won’t lie but I do think it’s worth it. It’s special and it’s a piece can be worn for years and passed down to generations to come.

Este collar es definitivamente una inversion pero la verdad es que creo que vale la pena. Es una pieza especial que puede ser usada por anios y ademas puede ser pasada a nuevas generaciones.

jewerly, moon stone, amethyst, precious, stones, energy, positive energy, spiritual, gems, handmade, ecuador, handmade in ecuador, miami, miami fashion, fashion blogFor more pieces and a little background about the designer, Tatiana Cruz, head over to Androbel 🙂

Do you think jewelry should have a deeper meaning?



Women at Work

“Why 26% of U.S women still choose not to work” by Annalyn Kurtz

Some of you might know that I am currently in school trying to get my MBA… as a result, I end up reading Business current events almost everyday. Here is the result:

This article was chosen out of the curiosity that sparked to me by the title. It is astonishing to me that women are still choosing not to work because I work in the fashion industry and all I see is women; all day, everyday. It would have made more sense if the article’s title were “ Why 26% of U.S women still can’t find a job” but nonetheless, apparently this is reality and so we will discuss it.

According to Blau and Kahn, two economists from Cornell University, women in the United States are choosing not to work due to the lack of family oriented labor laws. In the United States, it is legal for women to be on maternal leave for 12 weeks; it does not sound terrible until you hear this next part; these 12 weeks you get to spend with your cute little child are unpaid. Some decades ago, when women were first accepted into the work force, thousands of women joined the corporate world; in 1993, 74% of women in the United States were either employed or looking for a job (Kurtz 2013). That number has not increased since then, and unpaid maternity leave might be the answer. The article also discusses the labor laws in Sweden, which are totally different than in the United States. In Sweden, the employer has the legal obligation to hold the job of either the father or the mother for a little over a year while still paying them their salary (Kurtz 2013). 

This article relates to Organizational Behavior because in the end, it is all about motivation. Every one in this world is different and different things motivate different people but family seems to be one of the most important things in life throughout the different cultures, countries, languages and religions. Maslow’s theory of motivation indicates that human needs come in a form of hierarchy. Basics needs are to be fulfilled first before other things come into consideration. It is understood that love is a basic need and with love comes family as with family comes love. We live in a world where competitiveness is incredibly high and this might be the real reason why 74% of women do work. The women that have the option to either work or not work are choosing the latter because of labor laws as well as high costs of child care and stagnant wages.

This article taught me that although it might look like women are “taking over” the corporate world, there is still a little hesitation due to motivating factors. It is natural for a woman to want to nurse her child but when labor laws are too restrictive, they might opt for being a stay-at-home mom instead of pursuing their careers which is concerning due to all the talent and intelligence that we might never know of.

If you were so fortunate to not have to work, would you choose to be a career lady or a stay-at-home mommy? 


Will you Dance?

We often ask ourselves, why do celebrities have so much power? All they do is make cool movies, drive expensive cars and attend New York Fashion Week right? Well, while some of that might be true there are some (and yes, I mean I can probably count them with my fingers) that actually use their power the right way. It seems like the saying “Be the difference you want to see in the world” is a little outdated because nowadays everyyyyone thinks they have the kindest heart when truthfully they don’t; but, somehow there is one person that really does have a kind heart and I must say that Anne Hathaway might be that one person that sticks out.
This year, Anne Hathaway is representing One Billion Rising, which is a world action that will take place this Valentine’s day!
One Billion is for the number of women that have been raped or beaten in their lives and Rising is for the action to take place- On Feb. 14th all the women around are encouraged to rise and DANCE just because they are alive! You don’t have to be a victim of rape, you just have to dance. Guys are welcome to rise up and dance as well. In the words of Anne Hathaway “to walk out of their jobs, schools, and homes and dance. We want to shake the globe (literally!)”
I thought the idea behind this campaign was really great and thought I would share it. Maybe, it won’t end violence towards women, but at least there will be some kind of awareness about the subject. I mean, doesn’t the number 1 out of 3 scare the hell out of you?

I hope you get up on Valentine’s Day and dance just because you can!
For more information Click here

Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo

Treasures of Today

Hi girly girls! 
Today I have found these treasures at our Androbel office and so, I share them with you! You can get these treasures: Aztec print blouseBoot-cut black pants and statement necklace with a 15% discount form today until saturday!!! Did I mention, free shipping for all US orders of $50 and up? 
Have a Blossoming Day!
Belen Baquerizo